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Low calcium in week-old set up

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Hi all, 

Just upgraded to a 6-footer.

Running a calcium reactor. 

Tested the water after one week, and was shocked to find Ca level of 261 (Hanna kit).

Couldn't believe it so did an immediate retest. Got 316.

kH was 9.

I've never seen such low Ca in any of my set ups. 

Any idea what is causing this?

I've dosed with liquid calcium, and will do a retest same time tomorrow. 

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch.

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Interesting to know if you solved the issue

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Mystery deepens!!

I raised calcium with powder. Thought that was that. But lo and behold, it kept rising. Now at 600!!

Cedric, cannot be reactor tuning. Because kH was ok.

Possibikities: 1) FM salt batch has low Ca. 2) Hanna regent gone bad (spike happened when I opened new powder regent). 3) Both of above.

Anyone has other theories? This is perplexing because before this episode, my kH and Ca always moved in tandem - never separately.

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