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Its mainly bacteria

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I used Vibrant on two tanks.  The first tank has LPS, including octopus & hammer corals as well as soft corals such as mushrooms.  Vibrant removed all the unwanted algae & more.  The tank looked cleaner but the polyps of the octopus & hammer corals receded or closed up.  All the mushrooms, including yumas shrank in size & looked shrivelled.  This tank has a protein skimmer.  In the second tank without a protein skimmer, all the unsightly algae disappeared & the gravel becomes cleaner.  This tank has mostly yumas but they are unaffected.  I dosed twice a week for both tanks for a few weeks.

For the first tank, I have stopped dosing.  All the affected corals have recovered except for one specie of purple mushrooms.  I do not know why they are adversely affected by the bacteria from Vibrant.  As for the second tank, I have reduced the dosing to once a week.

Vibrant does not remove red slime algae.


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