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Red Sea Reef Care Recipe! Reefing made simpler!

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Dear Reefers,


Following the success of Red Sea’s complete Reef Care Program, we’ve decided to revamp our program to provide even more value and convenience, making it easier than ever to create and maintain your dream reefscape!

The RCP program now includes our all-new Reef Care Recipes™, a new look for our packaging and new value pack sizes to better meet your reef-keeping needs.



Reef Care Recipes™: Which salt mix is best for your aquarium? Is algae overtaking your system and you’re having trouble controlling it? Not sure which supplements to use and in what amounts for optimal coral health? Red Sea has it all figured out so that you don't have to!

Our Reef Care Recipes provide you with the exact formula suited for your specific aquarium and reefscape type.





Each recipe specifies:


·         The ideal water parameters for Mixed Reef, SPS Dominant, Ultra Low Nutrient and Marine Fish Systems

·         The best Red Sea salt type for your system

·         Which supplements and trace elements to use and their precise amounts

·         Algae management formula amounts

·         Which test kits to use

Just follow the recipe to create your optimally balanced reef aquarium environment.

Value Pack Sizes: Our range of highly concentrated supplements now includes 1 liter and 5 liter sizes, offering you more choices and super savings of up to 50% on products that are typically used faster or in larger volumes.

Pick up your free recipe booklet at your local authorized Red Sea dealer or view our online version to get a customized shopping list according to your aquarium type and volume!


Also, check out our new video series covering each of our four Reef Care Recipes:
Spend less time on technicalities and more time enjoying your vibrant coral reef aquarium with Red Sea’s new and improved Reef Care Program.



Happy Reef Keeping,

The Red Sea Team







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