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Willy Guccivera Yap

Weekly LFS shipment update 5 Nov to 11 Nov

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New arrivals:

Rare African Tiger Scats (Scatophagus tetracanthus).

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New arrivals:

Red Mandarins (uncommon)

Hybrid powder blue tang

Chocolate surgeonfish

Convict tangs

Seagrass filefish (can be used for aiptasia control)

Rainford's goby

True Percula Clownfish

Pink Skunk Clownfish

Polleni grouper

Burgess butterflyfish

Copperband butterflyfish

Yellowtail vermiculated angelfish

Copperband butterflyfish

Yellowtail blue damsel

Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis

Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis

Cirrhilabrus solorensis

Flavianalis flasher wrasse

Canary wrasse

Bicolor cleaner wrasse

Blue cleaner wrasse

Black leopard wrasse 

Green leopard wrasse

Blue & yellow fang blenny

Yellow stripe fang blenny

Randall's Jawfish

Blonde Naso tang

Naso vlamingi

Multibar angelfish

Royal dottyback

Dispar anthias

Blue eye anthias females

Six line wrasse

Pseudocoris yamashiroi

Regal angelfish

Blue eye cardinal

Pyjama cardinal




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