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Zoas for trade or sale

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Hi Guys!


Some Zoas for trade or sale! Trades can take reference from e suggested value:) IDs might be not be accurate though. Haha please let me know if u have e right id :)


Msg me at 97606747 to deal and discuss:) Collection at Hougang



A1- Red People Eater

A2- Mean Green

A3- Stardust?

A4- Magician

A5- Radioactive with NOID paly

A6- Bella Blue



B1- Some purple Paly

B2- Red Death Paly

B3- Mean Green

B4- Blowpop

B5- LA lakers

B6- NOID, Wolverine?

B7- NOID, morph of LA Lakers?

B8- Safecracker



C1- Jungle Juice

C2- Catseye

C3- Candy Apple Pink

C4- Fruit Loops

C5- Fruit Loops



C6- Emerald on Fire








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