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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 27th Jan to 02 Feb 2020

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New arrivals:

Captive bred fishes:

Clarions, goldflake, venustus, majestic, misbar clowns, black helmet percula, helmet percula, black Picasso A1 grade, Picasso A1 grade, Storm clownfish, Platinum spotted storm clowns, Lightning maroon clowns, Midnight clowns, Black Ice clowns, black ocellaris, etc.



Borbonius anthias

Blue face angel

Roseafascia wrasse

Bellus angel male

Orange back fairy wrasse

Blue tangs

Batavian batfish juveniles

Purple Queen Anthias

Mandarin fish

Cleaner Wrasse

Yellow tail damsels

Bodianus izuensis

Pylei wrasse 

Naso Tang

Ocellaris clowns

Terelabrus dewapyle (tentatively reserved)

Sacura parva (tentatively not for sale, possibly the first specimen to be seen alive in aquaria)



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