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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 9th Mar to 15th Mar

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New arrivals:


Yellow tang

Kole tang

Flame angel

Potter angel

Flame wrasse male

Palm size griffis

Golden puffer

Goldflake angel XL

Black tangs show size 


Sri lanka:

Fire shrimps

Cleaner shrimps

Emperor adult (small)

Emperor adult (large)

Asfur angel

Maculosus angel

Collare/Pakistan butterfly

Chaetodon trifascialis

Mitratus butterfly (great size)

Longnose butterfly

Zoster butterfly 

Golden butterfly 

Orange spotted blenny

 Anthias (2 types with purple fire goby) - $25 Tiger wardi sandshifting goby

Dracula goby

Soapy line grouper 

Powder blue

Clown tang XL

Sohal tang S size

Desjardini sailfin tang 

Purple tang M/L size

Moorish idol 

Yellow mango puffer

Thornback boxfish

Trispilus wrasse (yellow with pink belly)

Ornate leopard wrasse

Cleaner wrasse 

Meyeri butterfly 

Triangle butterfly 

Sea goblin (Minous sp.)

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