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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 16th Mar to 22nd Mar

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Indonesia corals are back!

Acropora species:

Hoeksami blue

Latistella aka bali shortcake 

Millepora pink/purple 

Millepora green/orange 

Millepora red with green 

Millepora red 

Tenuis green with blue tip 

Echinata Green

Echinata Blue Tip 

Gomezi Blue 

Loripes Blue

Loripes Blue Tip

Tenuis Blue 

Tenuis Premium Bright Blue

Tenuis Red 

Tenuis Green/Blue

Elegans Pink Tip (deepwater) 

Speciosa purple tip (deepwater) 

Caroliniara purple tip

Carduus Red with yellow tip

Carduus Gold 

Rosaria pink/yellow tip

 Aculeus Yellow 

Cytherea Green 

Microclados Pink 




Seriatopora caliendrum 

Stylophora pistillata 



Goniopora sp. 

Red/Green Favia

Green Favites

Red Lobophyllia hemprichii 

Orange Lobophyllia corymbosa

Premium Red Symphyllia 

Premium Bicolor Symphyllia 

Green with Purple Tips Torch coral

Orange with Purple Tips Torch coral

Orange with Yellow Tips Green Center Torch Coral (AKA Dragon Soul Torch)



Orange ocellaris (coral sea) 

True percula (Papua) 

Bicolor angel 

Blue eye cardinal 

Great barracuda juveniles 

Randall jawfish 

Cherry dottyback 

Parvula cardinal 

Ataenia pygmy wrasse (rare) $50

Antennata lionfish 

Six line wrasse 

Rainford goby 

Panther grouper 

Orange spotted prawn goby 

Steinitz prawn goby 

Black ray shrimp goby

Spotted dragonet

 Spotted boxfish 

Green chromis

 Cleaner wrasse 

Bicolor blenny 

Regal angelfish adult 

Striped fang blenny



Canary/Banana morays

Small french angels

Medium french angels

Small queen angels

Medium Queen angels

Blue neon gobies


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