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alage issue

Battling with Algae in our marine aquarium

Battling with Algae .. Algae and "That Other Slimy Stuff" There are many types of algae. There are also a few organisms that look like algae but not all are algae at all. In a healthy aquarium, the algae will be green, and if left alone, will grow hair-like in appearance. Algae... Read More

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diy algae scrubber

A DIY algae scrubber using simple a Ikea storage box

One of our members ATcraz shared about his DIY project how he can transform a cheap Ikea storage box into a simple yet effective Algae scrubber which work wonder. For the project you would need ; - 1 x ikea... Read More

Coral Article


7 ways to get ride of unwanted pests in your tank

    How to get rid of unwanted pests in your tank Preventing unwanted pests getting into your tank is something that you should always be on your mind whenever you introduce new coral into your tank. Even so when you are setting up a marine tank for reefing for the first time or in... Read More
sponge coral

Diodogorgia nodulifera Sea Fan ( Red finger Sea Fan )

Diodogorgia nodulifera or Red finger sea fan is a gorgonian in yellow-orange and red to dark red that is from only Carribean and quite highly sought after by Azoox enthusiasts. It is a intermediate azoox coral, meaning it will require a azoox dedicated tank with 24/7 feeding and more sensitive to flow, water parameter and... Read More