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  1. Hi all , Black Gisseman Infiniti 4 feet : 2 x 250W MH and 4 54W T5 up for sale. Brand new from RD is retailing at $2,099. Here's the official website link : http://www.giesemann.de/54,2,,.html Used only for 4 months aprox after which it has been sitting in my store room the past 1 year and 3 months untouched. Thought I would find a use for it but unfortunately I didn't. Selling for $780 I just turned it on 2 nights ago and everything works except one of the purple bulbs which seem to have blown. if anyone is interested, I will do a check to make sure it's just the bu
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  2. Just too tired to take any decent pic. Just snap some pics afer sorting out the rocks. Please refer below for pics and price. To be cleared by thursday ( 7pm -10pm) , Fri afternoon, and Sunday afternoon. Please PM me with contacts if interested or enquiries.. There are also some other lps and sps going cheap for those interested to start out after their tank stabilize. Priority to those who can confirm and collect asap. Location AMK S562316. (To be sold after liverocks and corals sold) 1)Purple Tang- $45 2) Yellow Tang -$25 3) Sailfin tang - For Adoption 4)6line wrasse- $6
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