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  1. Hi reefers, Im Taking a break from reefing and funding funds for new hobby. 1) Live stocks, Healthy stable Tangs 3 to 4 inch, Sohal - $150 YT - $60 PT - $80 Flame hawk - $45 3 blue eye anthias - $20 If take all fish - $300 Have Some left over balance easy corals for sale ranging from $20 to $80, Aussie yellow elegance Golden hammer Torch Pink gonio Aussie rainbow acans RBTA X 4 Lepto Zoas Golden cloves Super sun Etc... 2) 4 X 2 X 15inch Tank / cabinet / sump/ Jecod 12k return pump Rw15 and Rw8 wavemaker Lights for refugium, Auto feeder
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  2. Selling above Use for slightly over a year ,low usage as its on frag tank Selling for $380 with HMS mount Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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  3. Not sure what kind of ATO u using. If your is got pump then any container should be fine but if not then u can check the below.
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