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  1. Tank updates 28/7/2020!! 1. A few new additions to my zoa collection! A reefer passed me quite a bit of horizon zoas over the weekend! I removed them from the frag plug and glued them down onto a rock to allow them to slowly grow over the rock over time. Managed to pick up a 5 polyp frag of rastas zoa (i think) from Ah Beng for just $3! I guess the excitement of going to LFS-es is digging around the frag tanks to see what hidden gems they have. 2. Added a new critter! Got this pom pom crab from Pinnacle! I was afraid that his anemones will sting the corals in th
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  2. WhatsApp: 93890793 Collection: 533880 Bi-colour hammer(About 6-7cm when fully open)-$60 Green colour hammer( 2 heads , 12-13 cm when fully open) $70 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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  3. we are wholesaler marine fish from bali . please contack email agusw8148@gmail.com call +62813372602888
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