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  1. Hi, have the following to clear. At bukit batok. Thanks 1. Rainbow infusion #1 $10 1. Rainbow infusion #2 $7 3. Rainbow infusion #3 $6 4. Lime green Monti, about 5cm $8
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  2. Never use a UAS before so unable to give best advice but below is my experience for ur reference. I run my refugium lighting period at night and off in the morning, opposite from my DT lighting period. But I use my refugium to maintain PH and house copepods rather than nutrient export. Hence, u will need to consider a few points. If u shorten ur light period will it affect ur nutrient export? Will ur PH fluctuate alot at night? I think is gd for the water to continue circulate even the light is off. Hope this help.
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