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  1. Wysiwyg, selling on behalf of reefer. $400. Whatsapp 92971884 if keen thanks. Fully expanded roughly 14-15cm.
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  2. Collection @ Woodlands 1 = 30 2, 3 & 4 = 25 each 5 = 35 Get all 5 = 120 Priority for reefer who get all
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  3. Time for an Otaku Review and Otaku Hack! Been trying out the seneye reef for sometime. I think its not totally useful. I mainly purchased for PAR purpose, have since reconfigured it to do the “monitoring” job which is supposedly advertised as its main purpose. tot can help do power outage notifications but [emoji17] Pros: 1. Its ok for temperature and out of water alarm as its very quick to email u if both above issues is outta whack. Cons: 2. Power outage notification is non existent. its only available if u buy the expensive SWS webserver. I used the BRS hack and got the PC stick but so
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