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  1. Dear Members, It has come to our attention from the authority that there has been a few members receiving official warning from our local authority regarding the excessive sales of live corals in the community going beyond as a hobbyist letting go overgrowth frags to becoming a part time coral seller in the community . Please note that the pasar malam section is mean for members to offload excess or overgrowth coral frags only. As such with effect on 03th Sept 2020, - Sales of coral , frags is limited to Max 5 per week per member, please start a new topic once the limits is reach, all unsold coral/ frags has to be posted on the new week. - Seller must publish price openly on their sales thread on their items for sales. - For Tank Decom sales, it has to be stated clearly that you are selling away all the live stock due to a tank decommission. - Thread which is deem to be a commercial listing by us will be removed without prior notification. - Only related reefing equipment, tank sets and livestock is allowed. - Please consider having your coral swap with other fellow members under our swap section. - Link to other third party sales that display your items for sales is not allowed; i.e ebay. Gumtree, carousell, facebook, ect.. - To protect your privacy, members are strongly advise against sharing your contact no openly.Please use the PM instead for buyer to contact you . - Thread found on violation of the above rules, will have his topic remove without any warning. - Repeated offenders might find his posting rights temporary disabled and repeated offenders might have his posting right permanently disabled in this forum. We would like like to bring to your attention from the NPARK authority that Under the Singapore animals and birds act ( Pet Shop And exhibition) Rules 2004, it is an offence to use any premised to keep and display animals intended for sales as pet without a pet licence, except in accordance with a valid licence issued by the Director General. Sales without a pet shop license is a prosecutable offence, which carry a fine and imprisoned . https://sso.agc.gov.sg/SL-Supp/S34-2004/Published/20040930?DocDate=20040127 Thank you and we seek your co-operation in this manner
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