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  1. ya still in the west, u still keeping yr 5ft ?
  2. ya, lazy to change water every week and to monitor parameters of the tank, i've almost forgotten how to keep a reef tank now haha. maybe when my new house is here, i'll start again. btw, where to get sps now har ? LCK and PR closed liao right
  3. wow, more than 5 years my thread still around... only a few familiar faces here now, where r the oldies ?
  4. if its pure Ultra grade, I'm willing to grab all yr clams. PM me yr location for viewing
  5. very nice coralline algae, almost fully encrusted
  6. This is what happened when a certain Company put up the following memo OFFICE MEMO: May all members of staff please note that there will only be one drink per person at this year's Christmas Party. Please be reminded to bring your own cup! Regards, Management
  7. try to position some pumps/tunze below yr rockscape, this is to prevent detritus settling on rocks and blow it to the front for easy maintenance. try to prevent flat rocks at base as it will trap lots of dirt under.
  8. do u have a clearer shot under white lights
  9. faster faster....... double the size of yr ex tank will be good
  10. in most cases, the clam is in dying state hence the angels will start nipping on them. If your clam is healthy, it should not have a problem.. at least from my limited knowledge
  11. the Mr Macdonald is real life size...
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