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  1. Ops, Ps Sis. How's Copenhagen? U been to any reef shops there? As my trips only 3 weeks there, unable to make time to make trip to Copenhagen. But heard there quite happening, lol. Saw a few TV shows advertise about Copenhagen during my stay in Skive.
  2. hey bro, Just came back from denmark. sad to say cant find any marine shop there in skive. according to the people there, they only have a few shops in copehangen as skive temp is not sutiable to keep. Ave temp there is abt 5 - 15. haiz, another trip of empty handed....
  3. Hi bros, Just wanna check if anyone of your knows is there's any marine shops there in aalborg as i'm gonna be outstation there for the next 3 weeks. At least, can check any rare stuffs that rarely seems in SG. Then if hands cannot tahan, maybe will smuggle some back .
  4. Clown currently reserved. Will post if reefer back up. Tnks.
  5. Hi guys got 1 maroon clown to give away, size is ard 2 inch+ super healthy eat anythings given, giving away it bully my other 2 smaller ones. Living in my sump atm. Sms/call 91094504, Thomas.
  6. I'm ok. Contact me once u got it. i'll drop by ur place to collect, Tnks! 91094504, Thomas
  7. I stay in sengkeng. If it's near i can collect it but cant past the rest to your cause dun hv transport atm . Btw, i need only about 1/4 of it.
  8. Tnks alot bro mansiz & iantoh! Made me much more understand abt the chim terms,
  9. Roger, Tnks! Sure, find 1 day, we 3 come out lai kopi then i can ask advise from ur pros, Heard desmond coming back to reef.
  10. ME! Just need a small portion. Think must find more ppl to share
  11. Tnk barnacle & At. Now is to find out who the real culprit is!!
  12. The feelers are moe of like feathers, also white in colour, very thiny. Hope it's not the cause of my missing fish. Does it disturd the touch also? Cause that part of the touch doesnt seems to open up now.
  13. Full view of the touch. The lower left is where the white hole is and that side hvnt been opening up
  14. Hi, i notice there's a white hole on my touch( if i got the name correct). There's a thing inside it. It only shows it's feeler coming in and out of the hole. i'hv tried to take the whole tg out , soak it in tap water n leaving it out of water awhile, hoping that 'the thing' will come out but failed..... Tired using a pin to poke it but it was dam hard, can say as hard as a stone... Anyone can help to ID this? Hope it's not sometg bad.... Since intro it to the tank, 2 fish have been missing... Feeling dam uneasy now
  15. Ps, wat u mean by mod the reef octopus? modify it har? i'hv seem some post regards abt modify the pump to make more bubble? Seem abit chim to me.... Tank is about 2weeks le, old stock from preious tanks about 2mths old nia.
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