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  1. R. Maculatus so far have only been discovered and collected in Mexico maybe it might be found in Indonesia too? From the appearance of it, it does fits the description of R. Maculatus.. But only a DNA testing can tell.. Quality Marine labelled it as R. sp on their stocklist..
  2. Selling 2 set of Mini Filter X BioPellets Reactor @ $30 Take both at $50 Can be used for other media too Collection at Jurong West Ave 3 More info (Note price is in USD excluding shipping) http://m.fish-street.com/mini_filter_x_biopellets_reactor
  3. Still up for sale.. One of the better skimmers around..
  4. Photos of the skimmer.. Almost as good as new.. Just need a little cleaning up..
  5. Some on the skimmer if needed. http://reefspecialty.blogspot.sg/2009/04/atb-econo-cone-skimmers.html?m=1 Do note that this set I am selling is the single pump model with the AirStar 1500 which is better than the twin sicce option..
  6. Selling ATB 1050A Skimmer @ $650. Bought for tank restart but dun think will be used.. Do note it is quite big would require you to drive or take a cab.. Collection at Jurong West Ave 3.. Photo will be posted later if needed.. PM or contact me @ 91994460 Thanks
  7. Hi Dr Gill, It is nice to have you here to provide some first gand experience.. I have not been stung by the centrogeny before but again, I did not handle it with barehands before and it is quite shy when I place my hand into the tank so didnt have much problem with it..
  8. Vaigiensis are actually non venomous.. The mimicry of true scorpionfish allows it to prevent getting eaten by predators.
  9. Neovespicula depressifrons.. Brackish water fish but survive well in full salinity.. Venomous on the dorsal spines.. Initial difficult to feed but once it recognise mysis, it becomes a puppy..
  10. The price is still fairly out of reach for many.. But still it is a big breakthrough.
  11. I think the are some pure P. Bellina for sale.. Most of the phals sold are hybrid but some are really impressive..
  12. Not only the cost, it is also the land and space needed.. Haha.. Enjoy the course, I am sure it will be very interesting.. As for joining society, I am not sure what is their vision but I am keeping cos I like them..
  13. Some will require a drop in temp at night to do well some can do without or can do with our temp drop at night.. Woon Leng sells the more popular orchids you can find in Sg and they also have some exotic ones from time to time..
  14. Was there too whole day since morning... Some phals can bloom very well in our climate without any problems.. SGF is once every 2 years..
  15. Not only GBB have, Hortpark also have 4 cooled glasshouse, cos they have a glass house full of highland nepenthes, was drooling outside the glasshouse.. We can do a small one at home with a fish tank, styrofoam, chiller, fan and mister..
  16. Quote from my fren.. Buy those that can flower in our climate.. Haha.. Although taiwan climate is too much difference from us, no all taiwan orchids can flower in SG..
  17. I dun go looking for phal as most are big like bellina.. Only these are the mini phals I managed to find.. The last 3 is from the recent SGF.. Try joining green culture singapore..
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