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  1. 5x2x2 internal overflow with cabinet and 2x3.5x2 sump (4 partition)- $250 Hailea HC 500A - $150 Marine Magic 3 channel dosing pump $120 Refractometer - $50 Yellow Tang - $50 Purple Tang (bali) - $30 due to one eye jack and colour fading Flame Angel - $30 Flame Hawk - $50 1 pair of amphiprion ocellaris with red/pink RBTA - $80 1 powder blue tang - $100 (ich free and bright colour) 1 female green spot mandarin - $20 (with me for years) 1 fat blue tang - $50 (super fat and super blue) Free jebao wave maker. controller needs to be replaced at auntie. take all for $800. rocks will n
  2. As above what is the smallest fishing hook you ever seen ?
  3. Bro can share the contact of the carpenter ? Need to rebuild my stand etc
  4. Have you been to sinister at sim lim tower 3rd floor? Do a search for their numbers call them before you go down ... Some times they need to order stock from other people
  5. Do a search under quicktronic ballast if I spell correctly. .. see if you able to see their wiring diagram
  6. Still waiting for your sps frags lor...
  7. How many micro? Go to the kelantan lane one of the hdb blk. There is a shop selling all sort of mesh etc. . The finest I see is 200 micro
  8. Imagine a school of yellow or red sailfin molly swimming in your 4 ft tank... cheaper then most fishes and they feed on algae..
  9. Yes but you can convert it to saltwater..just that need some time to do it .
  10. Get molly. .. they school and eat algea
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