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  1. LED tech has improved over the years. its comparable to t5 and also save electricity!
  2. Get a 3 ft tank for a start if you got less space. Also, research more on the easier fishes or corals for care.
  3. hi all I used to dose/add additivies but now just change water. I see that changing water regularly seems to work for me than dosing. I am just wondering why dosing? Is it to make the water quality last longer (maintain) replacing the need to change water regularly? I ask is because l too heard about the good stuff like grotech etc but have not try it yet. Just wondering if I dose regularly, do I still need to change water (to freshen up the water quality)? Pls advise.
  4. I use redsea pro for 1.5 yrs now. pretty happy with the results. Previously using tropic marin and the price is a killer. I notice that the redsea pro also performed well but its KH seems went down faster compared to tropic marin given that the tank contents were the same. I am happy with the price, it works and now just add buffer to maintain the KH. Actually my live rocks like redsea pro too. 8)
  5. I started using crystal pro cartridge in my Kent Marine Deion 2 filter and it works well for my tank. the crystal pro cartridge cheaper and seems to last relatively long with TDS readings of zero with 25% water change every week or two for my 3.5 ft tank. Just make sure you check the readings regularly. thks.
  6. nice tank.. I am new to SPS and can you share your tank setup and routine? I have problems with SPS and maintaining the water quality.
  7. Hi all got a fish tank for sale. http://www.biorb.co....ait-45-aquarium bought $300+ selling $40 nett the LED light is not working though. PM me or txt me at 98510434
  8. HI all WTS, great condition TR15 teco chiller (without the UV). Recently serviced. WORKING VERY WELL! there is a review at http://www.danireef.com/2010/04/27/chiller-teco-tr15-the-complete-review/ PM me or txt me @98510434 (delivery to the east or other areas if possible) price $700 (bought for $1300+ from Qian Hu)
  9. this chiller has been a backup since and not use. PM for your interest and price. perfect working condition. Serviced by Qian Hu and it's cold!
  10. HI all A teco chiller for sale. 1.5 yrs old ONLY. quite new. Recently service by Qian Hu 3 weeks ago (bought there too) 100% working condition. No defects! PRICE $650 (retail price $1300). more info and its capabilities. http://www.tecoonline.eu/product/TR-15/ I am selling this chiller because I am upgrading my tank! Pls txt me at 98510434.
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