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  1. As above, all for $180. Note that items are not asthetically pleasing, paint is peeling from the A80 and I have spray painted to make them look better. Some rust here and there (on the gooseneck mount) and power cords were cut into by zip ties but I have put electrical tape over. Not for fussy buyers but still perfectly useable. Deal at 120454 from tomorrow onwards. Contact me on Telegram @muzi_lee. Thanks.
  2. muzi


    They look good though, even has babies. Some zoas I have refuses to open, I find a dip in 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and tank water helps. But in your case they look good just the first pic is zoomed and cropped way in so it looks bigger?
  3. As above, one small tub of Chaeto to be given away. Please respond to this topic instead of PM thanks. Collection at Clementi 120454. If no takers today will be disposed. Thanks.
  4. Fish collected. Thanks to the fellow reefer who collected and to all who expressed interest.
  5. Wow. Thanks for all the interests. Sorry if I did not reply to your PM. Currently reserved pending collection tomorrow.
  6. Around 2 inches and collection at 120454.
  7. Hi, want to sell this little terror of a fish. Fat and healthy but is a bully. $50. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  8. I hope I am wrong, but looks like your hammer is melting.
  9. Nice zoas! I have trouble getting them to propagate. Feeding spikes my ammonia and nitrite so I dare not do it now. Envious of those who have a fully grown zoa garden.
  10. I believe a chiller is useful. At least you don't have to worry about your tank when the mercury hits 33 or 34 degrees on some days.
  11. Anyone knows if Dragons Breathe Algae is available in SG? https://www.whitlynaquatics.com/products/dragon-s-breath-macroalgae Thanks!
  12. I think both white and blue should be fine. Both my rbta and gbta stays put with my predominantly blue lights.. Maybe my feeding them every few days is an incentive for them to stay where they are.
  13. Nice! Would you mind sharing how much water you change every week?
  14. imo, a chiller is a worthwhile investment for the tank, as it is hooded, water temp is considerably warmer compared to tanks without hoods. besides, it greatly expands the selection of corals u can add to the tank.
  15. i have seen that skimmer before, but thought it was too big.. never tried to put it into the display nano at AM though.. maybe i'll try that the next time i visit there..
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