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  1. Nice! Would you mind sharing how much water you change every week?
  2. imo, a chiller is a worthwhile investment for the tank, as it is hooded, water temp is considerably warmer compared to tanks without hoods. besides, it greatly expands the selection of corals u can add to the tank.
  3. i have seen that skimmer before, but thought it was too big.. never tried to put it into the display nano at AM though.. maybe i'll try that the next time i visit there..
  4. amazing... i'm seeing things i'd probably do when i have my own flat.. i hope my weekly contributions to singapore pools can help me..
  5. oo.. i saw this at AquaMarin and thought it was too big for the nano.. now i can solve my skimming woes..
  6. hi! nice setup u've got there.. i've also just shifted my 10 gallon nano to a 24G nano cube.. didn't have the luxury of time to cycle the tank properly as my mom was making a big hoo haa for me to get my old nano out of my room.. some fengshui concerns blah.. anyways, just wondering if you found any protein skimmer that can fit into the nano? been looking around but have yet to find any that can fit into the last compartment.. any suggestions?
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