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  1. Torch Sold. Gonio 1&2 still avail.
  2. Gonio 3 sold. Gonio 1&2 still avail. Aussie torch green body purple/ bluish tip price revised. $288. Fella not willing to retract fully but i counted at least 10 heads.
  3. Gonio 1. $80 Gonio 2. $60 Gonio 3. $80 Torch 1. $88 collection at AMK
  4. Also letting go radioactive bird nest colony $30. Mini colony $20.
  5. Slightly smaller than palm size. $80 photo under blue and with orange filter.
  6. Both Led bar is Reef day fyi. Previously used it to counter the blue from Radion. Priority for those taking both
  7. Got 2 x 2feet orphek OR3 led bar to let go. Both in good working condition. First piece got super glue stain (kena while gluing corals) but do not obstruct the leds lighting. $65 Second piece in good condition without stain for $80. Had them both for 2 months approx
  8. Believe this is his profile on carousel. Made me an offer and after I accepted, wanna nego price by giving stupid excuses. Thereafter went MIA.
  9. Ups. Price reduced to $80 if can collect at 12.
  10. Palm size aussie sps. Greenish base with light purplish. $120.
  11. Sold. Nice catch up w old timers.
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