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  1. Interest check. Less than a month old Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 blue. No mounting arm. Actual turn on less than 48 hours. RFS, too blue to my liking. $1K nett.
  2. Sold. Pls closed thread. Cheers
  3. Selling IM nuvo 20. Approx 1mth old. Standard set. Comes with additional skimmer and refugium light. $200
  4. Good water circulation. Good water parameters. Place it nearer to ur lights. U may get back green or it may change other colors.
  5. Looks like u r too late. TS mentioned closed at 2359!!! U r 1 min too late
  6. For goggles, Ah Boy shop at kelantan lane. He shd have it, if not he will direct u to his brother shop which is very nearby also. Price depend on brand.
  7. Yo guys, Got a mint condition Samsung D820 for sale. Condition as good as new coz couple of days old. Sellin coz nt use to the samsung hp. Complete set come with additional 512Mb Micro SD card. Lookin at $520. Interested, pls pm me.
  8. hmm....time to catch up Bros...pm me ur number leh. Me lost all of u guys contact after i lost my hp.
  9. If u enjoy luggin back hm bags or containers of water, by all means. Would be good if u hav ur own transport. And the lift better stop at ur level. Lastly do the maths, volume of ur tank will determine how much water u need to bring back. Lastly, if u have Osim massage chair.....u will need it!
  10. QT will hold Main tank water. This is to get ur new LS to adapt to water frm ur main system as close as possible. Below is wat i practised. Use a container (capable of drippin) n fill it with water frm ur QT. Drip water over an hr into the bag containin the new fish u bought. The end result will be a mixture of water from the LFS and water from ur QT. Make sure ur QT r up and runnin. (so as no to stress the newcomer by puttin ur hand into QT and fixin up powerhead, skimmer....etc with it inside). QT was wrapped ard by cloth. (U can observe frm the top) Slowly submerge the bag and its content into the QT. Let it swim out. Leave it alone for a day. Daily water change in the evenin as soon as after feedin. Siphon out waste and leftover food. Remove n discard 70% of water frm QT. Check salinity. Replace back the 70% with a even mixture of main tank and new saltmix. (after removing water frm main tank, i replenish my main tank with new saltmix=small water change daily ). ***My QT only got powerhead and skimmer inside, i intro fish usually at nite with min lightin*** Durin QT, no medication was added unless fish show sign of disease infection. New fish can be carried out usin hypo if u hav the patience and time. But do note, its the LS tat u choose that makes the difference. Eg. Newcomer can be quarantined and in perfect healthy condition but poor introduction into main tank, harrassement by existin LS, or prob oreadi exist in ur main tank will cause the newcomer to be infected.
  11. some insight of my QT. 1. power head 2. skimmer (hav so use lor) 3. Heater (QT use to be inside my room with air con) Every evenin, after feedin. I siphon out the left over food, remove almost 70% of the water frm the QT. Check salinity of water. Replenish back the 70% (50% new 50% frm main tank).
  12. tats good. I intro my AT at nite, when all light are off. Almost need to use nightvision to c wat i m doin. No net was used in the process. btw, my AT spend ard 3-4wks in quarantine tank. then another 2wks plus in a cage like container in my main tank before finally releasin him into the open.
  13. Well said, The prob with newbie is believin too much wat they read frm the bottles, boxes, labels.....they see in shops. Cost of prawn = Few cents = no satisfaction. Satisfaction comes frm spendin $10, 20, 30.... Coz spendin money reassure them it will work? Patience will pay off.
  14. Do note, its ideal to have it at 8.3 but not a must. Most reefers hav it in the range of 7.9 to 8.2 thruout the day. Btw, wat did u use to test ur pH? test kits or electronics?
  15. Juz go with saltmix. Save the hassle of usin NSW. Run ample P04 media from start and replace when necessary. RO/DI unit, hav or dun hav, i will also run P04 media. This will keep ur P04 at check frm start. Do not worry abt other things as u hav not go thru the cycling process yet. Juz make sure ur LRs and sand(if u intend to hav a sandbed) are in before u start cycling ur tank. Make sure u hav at least 80% LRs in for cycling or better still all the LRs u need. This will prevent kickin off a mini cycling process in future. Go thru proper cyclin period and chk parameters with reputable testkits before stockin up. And do stock up slowly as ur system is new.
  16. If ur AT is in a quarantine tank, use a piece of cloth to cover all the side of the tank to reduce stressin ur AT. Take extra care when transferin it into ur main tank.
  17. Would be better if u use a md55> pressure rated and if i my memory nvr fail me, it shd b less than 200W.
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