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  1. Juz go with saltmix. Save the hassle of usin NSW. Run ample P04 media from start and replace when necessary. RO/DI unit, hav or dun hav, i will also run P04 media. This will keep ur P04 at check frm start. Do not worry abt other things as u hav not go thru the cycling process yet. Juz make sure ur LRs and sand(if u intend to hav a sandbed) are in before u start cycling ur tank. Make sure u hav at least 80% LRs in for cycling or better still all the LRs u need. This will prevent kickin off a mini cycling process in future. Go thru proper cyclin period and chk parameters with reputable testkits before stockin up. And do stock up slowly as ur system is new.
  2. If ur AT is in a quarantine tank, use a piece of cloth to cover all the side of the tank to reduce stressin ur AT. Take extra care when transferin it into ur main tank.
  3. Would be better if u use a md55> pressure rated and if i my memory nvr fail me, it shd b less than 200W.
  4. Plastic BB are ok.....nuthin else.
  5. Congrats bro.....spend lesser on hobby, more on wife.
  6. Dun nd the tank to be ready....as long got roof overhead one table and 4 chair ready can liaoz And of coz nt forgettin the LEGO
  7. Upz... Price reduced to $300. Final.
  8. No use for it. So sellin unopen Brand New Samsung Portable DVD Player. Come with one year warranty from samsung. Features, # 7" TFT LCD, Slim, Compact and Light for Better mobility # Extended 4.2 hr. battery # Thin design # Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (2.5 hrs) # Car Adapter # 3D sound # 2 Headphone jacks # Picture CD viewer Sellin 4 $350. Interested, pls pm me
  9. Bro, $300 for tandem jump kinda of $$. Will be more worth it if goin for the AFF, u control ur chute. Military jump and civilian jump r totally different.
  10. bro...jamm packed all the way to the glass until can c silicon liaoz
  11. U can always uses water conditioner to remove chlorine....etc?
  12. I make it short and simple,.....kinda lazy nowdaes 1. Dun remember seein Eric mentionin he would like to hav the best of both world. 2. NPNT 3. As u mentioned, problem lies with the angels. So regardless of settin up another tank ornt. Main tank still has a problem. 4. Dun think 2 much, the initial post of "i nd nt explain further" was referin to stress factor on sps in betta box so tat i nd nt go further typin n explainin tat, due to reduced flow, lack of lite.........bla bla to make one understand (which is wat i m doin nw to make u understand). And as for the emotionicon, its suppose to be this but click too fast. Morever, i dun find anythin wrong with the initial one too. If u felt somethin abt it, then all i can say is u need to broaden up bro.
  13. hi there Iantoh, Hmmm..... nt aware tat there r fella reefers here doin wat u mentioned. Must hav been the lost of touch after nt surfin src so recently but NPNT, mayb u wanna show me some pix of fella reefers here runnin 2 seperate sps tanks, one primary and one secondary. Like i said, to set up another tank juz to hse one stress colony is "easier said than done". Another tank has to be set up, water condition must match or almost match tat of the main tank. Then lightin, flow, chiller,.....etc and constant maintainin all parameters hav to be taken into consideration. Nt forgettin still got main tank to take care of. Nxt is how long is the quarantine period? And the end results? = Millis recovered but kena again when place back into main tank coz the prob still lies with the 2 angels in the main tank. Reefers here do nt hav the luxury of those overseas where they hav more free play with their time, spacious living area, extra $$ to set up special fraggin tank. And for a hobbist to set up another tank juz for fraggin, wats the intention? wat to do with the frags? FOC to others after all the efforts bein thrown in. I dun think so rite. .....sell them=commercial conflicts? And mayb u hav missed wat Eric hav mentioned "Can't trap the angels........no room to even put the trap box in". There is hardly the best of both worlds. We hav cases of flame angels behavin for yrs but suddenly developed the fetish to nip sps. We even got tangs tat go nippin on clams. But of coz we hav till todate, success with angels in sps tank but we cannot be complacent. Who knws wat it will do tmw. So havin angels in sps tank is like a gamble. Behavin now doesnt mean it wun misbehave in future.
  14. Quarantining sps is not the same as fish. Firstly, havin sps in a quarantine tank. The tank need to match the condition of main tank and this condition is very difficult or almost impossible to obtain. As a result u r only puttin more stress on ur sps by doin so. Betta box is strictly out of the question. Although water condition r the same but flow will be greatly reduce in the betta box. I nd not explain further.
  15. Advice for u BH, Set ur priorities right....wat is more impt to u at the moment n the near future! Ask urself, wats ur role as a student? Isit the followin below? Major frag exchanges would be great I was thinking more along the lines of tank visits, LFS visits and frag trades (if we can have raffles then it'll be better laugh) Coffeshop chit chat is also a good idea. OR To concentrate on ur books since pre-lims and 'O' r juz ard the corner. Morever u mentioned 'O' is no piece of cake to u. Reefin is a hobby and tats all abt it. No point goin "phd" coz its a forever learnin process and it definitely nt gonna bring any dough back for ur family in future. Its wat lies ahead of u presently tat requires critical addressin, sort out ur 'O' followby the impt decision of determinin where u wanna go. JC, poly?....etc. All the frags exchanges, meet ups,......etc can come durin ur holidaes or when u r capable of sustainin urself. So, Y trouble troubles when troubles doesn't trouble u.
  16. Skimmer seem to b under performin. Might wanna adjust it for better performance.
  17. No prob bro....used to hav a pair of each in my reef tank. They get along pretty well though the purple pair are more shy.
  18. bro...u nd to place the tunze properly. used to run 2 tunze 6060 and seio m1100 w/o any prob. play ard with the placin. dun juz listern, experiment first.
  19. updates 1. more than 120kg of 2yrs+ LRs approx. - $4/kg or $350 for all. -Reserved 3. 3-4inch PBT, eats anything. - $25 Reserved 4. 2.5inch lemonpeel, eats anything. - $40 Reserved 5. 3.5inch blueface angel (in the stage of changin frm juv to adult), eats anything. -$40 6. 2inch plus elibi angel, eats anything. -$15 8. true percular clown, eats anything. - $15 Reserved 9. 12mm thickness 3.5ft by 2.5ft by 2.5ft cabinet tank with 2 sump and king 4 return pump, weipro 2012 skimmer, macro skimmer...(foc livesand, addictives, pumps......etc). -$150 -Reserved (no pix coz i would prefer buyer to view it personally and commit rather then tellin me he want he want but when comin for collection.....sale turn sour coz nt up to his expectation. set ur expectation accordingly to the price u r payin for) pls pm me for details.
  20. tks guys..... cabinet abit old lah coz went thru a couple of floodin incident.
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