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  1. A) Car decals 1) wedgee B ) Stationeries 1) Bwilly 2) flubberina13 C) Transport 1) Bwilly 2) Wedgee? 3) yazid 4) jd_n D) IT equipment (laptop and computer) 1) Bwilly 2) yazid 3) jd_n *Anybody has a LCD projector? E) Printing 1) Bwilly (at 2 to 3 cents) 2) flubberina (0cents but no colour-printing) F) Booth Helpers I) Saturday 1) flubberina13 (after 4pm) 2) Bwilly 3) wedgee 4) Yazid 5) jd_n II) Sunday 1) Wedgee 2) yazid 3) jd_n III) Trade Days (Thursday & Friday) 1) Nickel 2) flubberina (after four pm) 3) jd_n (after 5pm)
  2. I can volunteer for all 4 days, thur and fri (after 5pm). Sat and Sun (full day) . AT, juz pm me the details.
  3. Get a sea cucumber, he shd do the job of polishing the sand for u.
  4. I believe the $18/kg are those branch type. One branch usually weighs ard 300-600g. Seen those branch type LRs at PR.......they are huge!!!! 1 branch easily weighs 2kg and above. As for normal type of LRs, flat, round...all sort of shapes $8-$10 can get oreadi.
  5. Yup, saw my open brain squitting out some red stuff and my bubble also do that and my blue tang happily eating them . And i had a major ops last mth after seeing my angel pecking on the open brain. Basically shifted out all my corals and LRs juz to catch the bugger. and gave to my fren's FOWLR but i nvr feed any fish meat juz put couple of drops of liquid corals food into the tank weekly
  6. wat type of help u asking for??? Physical help, advises... Pmed me if u need, pretty free this week.
  7. Saw that u r using a spray bar , i would recommed u to remove it and point the elbow in the direction u want to create current and improve water circulation.
  8. The fibre glass tank are basically stocked with lots of sps but dunno any nice one left tmw, had neen eyeing this particular one... very nice one but didn't bring enough $$ ....Only way is to pay a deposit and reserve lor then go n collect this afternoon. They open at 2 till 8 todae
  9. Along lavender st towards balestier rd. If u r a biker, do u know where chiap lee is? U shd be able to see a big helmet hangin outside his shop...Arai Helmet. His address is 216 lavender st at a corner, Reborn is just a few shop down.
  10. I am using MH w/o the chiller coz got air con to cool the water. Infact, i put a heater in my tank to prevent the temp from falling below 26.
  11. oh paiseh paiseh Both tube are 2ft. Can be used on 2 ft light casing or for those 3ft light casing that uses 2ft tube.
  12. 10,000k high intensity lamp with strong emissions in the blue spectrum simulating deeper ocean environments. Ideal for all marine aquariums, reef tanks, and fresh water aquariums where a deep water effect is desired. Emission spectrum strong in the blue and red regions which supports the photobiological processes of marine algae and fresh-water plants. Promotes the growth of zooxanthellae algae, essential for the growth and well being of all photosynthetic corals and invertebrates. Long lasting: Effective for up to 10,000 hours. Got 2 of them, bought less than 1 week ago out of impulsiveness . Then change to MH so lettin both go at $70. New selling for $45 each. Interested, pls contact me at 90710669
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