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  1. Very few corals....unlike Redang, which I was there just a month ago.
  2. Check this out!....This is the first time I see this Clown Surgeon Fish while snokerling!!!!>>>Achievement for me manz! This is near the James Bond Island.
  3. Thanks to all. All sand has been taken. Hope I can reef again in the not too far future. Happy Reefing!
  4. Sand still available. Just give me an sms to arrange for collection. 97865606
  5. Sand still available. Please bring your own container. FOC!!!! Collection this weekend. Saturday 12pm. Please sms 97865606 for address.
  6. Dear Reefers I am selling my tank and I have plenty of sand. Anybody wish to have them can come to collect. Its FOC. Please come with your own carrier or pail. I will be removing the tank on Saturday, 4th April evening, so please do come before 3pm. Thanks SMS 97865606 for address.
  7. Upz........still available Chenggai wood Cabinet and hood alone will cost $200 if anybody is interested. Thanks Underwater!
  8. Forgive me for being rude. Are your testing my understanding or yours??
  9. ............ ..........just the main tank, sump tank, cabinet and hood......no rocks, no light.....free sand and power plug
  10. Upz.............please offer.....need to clear it up for some space in my living room. (think of replacing a plasma tv soon.....kekekeke )
  11. Main tank up for sales again. 5X2.5(height)X2 and sump tank is 4X1.5X1.5 feet; 12mm thick with Chengai Wood cabinet and hood Selling $350 Please call 97865606. Sand...FOC!!
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