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  1. Only 1 mth plus ... under warranty still tried to tune but way too strong for my 4feet LPS tank superb movement of water even at 1-bar strength Selling at $350...
  2. Ups! Wan clear space before cny
  3. Bioptim - 1 box unopened + 12 individual vials Biodigest - 13 individual vials and the 3 bottles of seachem below all for $70
  4. About 15cm in length only bought wrong size.. selling 10pcs for $15 only
  5. Bought brand new 2 months ago >1k 9 speed variable DC pump supports float valve size : square base approx 30cm and height is close to 60cm Selling for $600 Using it in my QT now.. only 3 fishes inside and lots of skimmate
  6. 2pcs XR15 still available stand still available
  7. 3pcs of G4 Radion XR15 (local authorized sets, no more warranty) - only used blues and UV at 100% , whites reds and greens never exceeded 20%... replica stand, can support 4-5feet tanks, adjustable length.. used only 1 month... this stand came with 3 pieces of claws for XR30... brand new unused... No claws to hold the XR15 light, I am planning to reuse them... selling as a set $1000 wiling to sell separately too
  8. Accidentally Bought an extra Pump and hence selling... brand new unused going for $120
  9. Letting go at $30 note: replacement plastic blade brand new unused https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/tunze-care-nano-magnet-cleaner/ Suitable for Glass thickness from 15mm (1/2″) to max. 20mm (3/4″) Dimensions: Width 86mm (3.4 in.), length 140mm (5.5 in.)
  10. 2 day old wavemaker local set with warranty.. way too powerful for my 4feet Tank https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/reef-octopus-pulse-401-wavemaker/ wish to let go at $350 up to 17,000L and 15mm glass
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