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  1. Benny in Betta box Priority given to those who can collect soonest
  2. 4 inch, 50 dollars only Collection at teck whye First offer secures Adam 91150045
  3. Collection at teck.whye. Priority given to those who can collect tonight
  4. maybe it will do better in your tank. Would like a 1.5 litre bottle of coke zero in exchange. FCFS. Adam 91150045
  5. I think ur prob is from using tap water and not di water. Those looks like an infestation of hair algae, nitrates and phosphates probably sky high that's why ur mushrooms don't look good. Ur using api test kits? Pretty sure the salifert ones would give u a sky high reading. Restart properly, and use di water.
  6. Salifert Carbonate hardness/Alkalinity test, expiry July 2017, brand new, $15 Dr Gs marine aquaculture copepods max, more than 90% left, $20 $15
  7. both mush collected, clam not selling for now.
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