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  1. My 4 clown fishes stable now and have been keeping for 1 months. Feeding formula 2 pellet which comes with garlic. Eating well. Thanks Bro.
  2. Thanks Bro. Will stock up 1 to 2 mths time. Hope to have successful tank. Thanks for advice
  3. My 2.5 ft is already 4 mths. I had kept a yellow tang, 4 clown fishes and some corals and one doctor shrimp. My yellow tang was being infected with ich one mth ago and was cured but unfortunately for my 4 normal clown fishes, it was totally been wiped off due to ich. Since then I had keep replacing with new clown fishes but it does not last long. Currently left with 2 clown fishes from latest batch whereby one with fungus body and the other eating well. Hoping they survive. I had measured the water parameter (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc) which found to be good. I also had my protein skimmer, UV and also chiller for my tank. I intend to get clarkli clown fish instead of normal clown. Is Clarkli more stable than normal clown fish as I had lost hope in keeping clown fishes which easily infected with ich. Currently I had added aquapharm anti ich into the tank. I do not have place for quarantine tank. Need someone to advise when can I add new fishes and what should I do next. Thanks Bro for advise.
  4. I m using Kent Marine Mirco Vert. Wonder how good is this. Any feedback on this? Can check with you guys what can make coral increase more colour? Please advise and where to purchase. Thanks
  5. Anyone seen percula clown at Supreme Aquarium, Lot T95, Seletar West Farmway ? Thks
  6. Looking for percula clown. 2.5 ft tank cycle over. Went to aquastar yishun, not even a marine fish. Will try next week at T95.Anyone saw percular clown at T95?
  7. The price is $160 each but negotiable. Thanks
  8. 3 sets of Compaq deskpro P3 733 20gb 256 mb for sale including 17 inch monitor, mouse and keyboard. selling for $160. Price negotiable. Interested pls sms 98779518. Thanks
  9. Anyone selling blue tang and yellow tang. Pls pm me. Thks
  10. anyone selling yellow tang or blue tang ps pm me (staying woodlands)
  11. Jackie Model JE300RF display refrigerator for sale. Can be used for storing cooled drink/fresh flowers. 550(W)X 525(D) X 1685 (H). 280 litres. price negotiable. please contact me at 98779518.
  12. I have a uv light model UVC 1.250 comes with 9w philips light for sale. Light in good order. Made in netherland. Selling for $70. Intereseted, pls sms at 98779518
  13. Intel Pentium P4 1.7 GHz Processor 256MB Ram upgradeable to 1024MB on dual soDIMM sockets 20GB HDD Ultra DMA-100 14.1 XGA TFT display, 1024 x 768 Integrated 8x DVD drive Internal 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive Internal 56K V90 Modem Internal Intel 10/100 Network ATI MOBILITY RADEON 4x AGP graphic controller with external 16MB DDR Hardware 3D graphics engine Win XP Home Li-Ion Battery I/O Ports : 1 x Type III or 2 x Type II/I CardBus PCMCIA slots, 1 x RJ-11 jack for modem, 1 x RJ-45 jack for Ethernet, 1 x DC-in jack for AC adapter, 1 x ECP/EPP-compliant parallel port, 1 x external VGA port, 1 x speaker-/headphone-/line-out jack, 1 x microphone-/line-in jack 3 x USB ports , 1 x S-video TV-out (NTSC/PAL) port Software supplied : Acer System Recovery CD, NortonĀ® AntiVirus, PowerDVD Dimensions : 329mm (W) x 279mm (D) x 42.3/52.8mm (H) Weight 3.51kg / 7.7 lbs with 14.1 display and DVD-ROM Comes with laptop bag. Laptop & battery (Last 1 hr) are still in good condition as seldom bring outside. No dead pixels. Price $850. Interested and serious buyer, pls email at coralife69@yahoo.com.sg or sms at 98779518
  14. Kids Paradise White Wooden Baby cot size 28" x 52" selling for $150. Bought at $329. Without mattress. Interested pls sms at 98779518. Thanks. Transport not provided. In good condition
  15. Mercury 3.1 Mega Pixels 4-in1( Digital Camcorder/Digital Camera/Web Cam/Voice Recorder) with LCD Screen- 2048 X 1536 Resolution! Selling for $120. Seldom Used. 4X Digital Zoom, Records Video with Sound (Movie Mode) Non-stop video recording w/sound, view on built-in LCD or plug into TV/VCR for video playback. 4X Digital Zoom, 5 Pic Burst, Macro lens setting, Flash / White balance sets to auto, daylight, shade, tungsten, fluorescent. Self-Timer sets from 2 to 10 seconds. This camera is barely larger than half of a king-size cigarette package.Designed for Win 98 / Win98SE / Win 2000 / Win ME / Win XP / PowerMAC G3/G4 / MAC OS 8.6 or higher. Using the 8meg onboard memory this camera takes 51 still images, 63 seconds of video and about 29 minutes of recorded audio. If you add a 128meg SD Memory Card, it will take approx. 1 Hr. & 45 min. non-stop video recording w/sound or over 800 still images. (The camera you are buying comes with 8Meg onboard Memory. Can be upgraded to 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512Meg) Interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  16. Hi, U can try on this marine shop Eastern Aquarium central Blk 818 Woodlands St 82 #01-415 Tel 63627167 Handphone 96880349 They sell marine fish, Invertebrates, Accessories & customise tank and cabinet. I have buy coral from them. Really cheap. Check the price there.
  17. 1 no made in netherlands Ultraviolet device model UV-C 1250 consisting of 9 watts Philips Lamp selling for $100. Display in the tank for a few months but seldom on. Interested pls pm me. Thks
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