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  1. I was just rummaging around the old posts and I found this post. oh boy it does bring back many MANY memories of the good old days. anybody I know/am familiar with still around? hola amigos! or as they say it down under. eh how ya dooin mate?
  2. happy belated birthday! I haven't stepped onto this forum in years. okay, months. but yeah. happy birthday! (=
  3. Aquamedic Calcium Reactor plus Dosing Pump is still on sale for $150. does not come with calcium media, needle valve, CO2 tank... it's just the Reactor, the pump and the powerplugs responsible to run them. and other goodies I can dig out from the house. if I'm not mistaken, it's the Kalkreactor 1000 series. I've got no idea if it can fit a pH probe or anything, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't come with one. http://www.aqua-medic.de/seawater/en/11/kalkreaktor1000/ I'm basing this based on my pictorial comparison of having the reactor in my room and looking at it from the computer m
  4. chiller has been sold off to a nice guy called Andrew. I hope you find the pump, pipe switches, and refractometer useful........ and in working condition too. HwDQ....... maybe when I graduate and come back to Singapore. assuming I am going to come back when I graduate. the hobby is too expensive to start up in Australia... simple guppies would cost me $3 - $5 a pop..... so, I don't even want to fathom how much a marine set up would cost down under.
  5. chiller tentatively reserved for somebody called Andrew... just a note.... I don't have the ability or the time to wash/change the media in the calc reactor....... so you'd probably have to do it on your own. do factor that in if it's a consideration to you. and as far as I know...... everything was in working order. I can't guarantee anything though, and if it seems to stuff up, I can offer a full refund provided that 1) the item is returned to me in the condition that it was in 2) the item doesn't show apparent dismantling, disfiguring or disabling
  6. I've left the hobby a long time ago, but still have some equipment left over from the experience. as a result of wanting to get rid of them to clear up badly needed space in my room, I'm getting rid of the above mentioned equipments for cheap. or at least what I think is cheap. the Aquamedic Calc reactor comes with a dosing pump. cost of the whole thing? $150. the Teco chiller doesn't come with any dosing pump. cost of the whole thing? $150. if you were to buy the two of them together, it'd cost $250 in total for the two items. if you're interested, please message me. prices
  7. it has been a while since I last came onto this forum, and it has been an even longer time since I met damsel-in-distress. I can't even remember her name... but as far as I can recall, I never had ANY trouble dealing with her when it came to me purchasing something from her. sure, she was a bit firm with her approach, but who could blame anyone for being firm when it came to issues regarding finances, especially when the piece of equipment was something expensive? ultimately, my experience of dealing with her has been so pleasant, I am able to tell you guys about it three years later.
  8. a-hehehehe yes I'm Aussie-lised. not Aussie-lised enough to ignore the fact t hat I'd pay through my nose if I were to start up a fish tank down here. =\
  9. I don't think it's obsolete. manually entering the word you want that is. think about it. there must have been times where you've had to manually enter a text, either because the phone does not have the word in the dictionary, or because the word was not retrieved from the dictionary despite your previous attempts at storing it. I can tell you the numerous times I've disabled the predictive text input in my k800i over here just to key in names/suburbs/locations/Aussie words like Uie/Ute/Commodore, just to name a few of the many predicaments I've encountered. either that, or he/she is jus
  10. oops big picture. but yeah. the last time I will ever carry a camera and snowboard again. didn't do that the last time round, don't know what drove me to do it this year. precious camera almost got crushed.
  11. me? back in Singapore? not so fast. I still have a long LONG LONG way to go, mate. I'll be back soon though. gotta do summer semester at TMC to catch up with my proper sequence, for fear of being out of synch when I go back in autumn next year.
  12. I've backpacked through Britain, and onto France and Germany, where I got mugged at knife point by a romani at Berlin. cut short the trip, and headed back to Singapore. I do have an intention to do the easter part of Europe though. spoke to an aussie mate of mine at length about visiting Poland, in particular Auschwitz. I may be heading there next European winter/Australian summer, depending on my summer vacation job, and if I can get one to begin with!
  13. they don't look like krispy kreme donuts. where did you get them from? or maybe they are KK donuts and I'm not too good at spotting non-original ones. hmm. regardless, nice photos. makes me real tempted to take a short drive/flight up from Melbourne. (= although the last time I went to Sydney, I did spend a significant amount of time at the fish market, and even bought some fresh fish to cook for dinner. heh. hope you enjoyed your stay down under.
  14. I've tried a lot of the "exotic" fried stuff, and must tell you that it tastes just about the same as... I don't know, a deep fried blade of grass? it just becomes crunchy, and quite delicious actually.
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