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  1. Can get those black plastic mesh from DIY shop
  2. Angmo... first of all, i must salute you! I definitely do not have your patience.. if i have a tank maker promise me the tank in 4 weeks, i would definitely expected it to be COMPLETED, not 10%, 50%, 70% or finally 90%... even 99.99% is still an INCOMPLETE tank. As a working adult, i think our time are equally important than the tankmaker's, if he cannot keep up for whatever reasons, he should compensate or at least apologise. In fact, I will request for a refund and let him carry the tank back rather than staring at the INCOMPLETE tank for additional 6 weeks now? God knows how much longer it takes. Oh one more interesting thing i notice.... how many SRC forum members it takes to guess the tank maker? Apparently the whole forum! LOL Maybe next time u and your fellow sufferers can join AA... Aquarium Anonymous! suffer from INCOMPLETE tank syndrome! LOL.. Just kidding, i hope this is being resolved satisfactorily to YOUR expectation.. Customer has its rights.. I don't think it matters if the tankmaker is Sponsor or not.
  3. Nice tank. simple livestocks and corals but all nice and healthy!
  4. my black oce pair also spawned a few times but i doubt it will survive. Even if the eggs hatches, you will have problem feeding them to make them grow.
  5. Petmart prices usually very reasonable also.. good services also if u know what you want
  6. Hmmm, So your friend already knew the fish is injured before collecting it?
  7. Interesting! looks like those white plastic wrapping for fruits!
  8. Any update? Honestly, I don't think you can build a half decent 8 ft tank with 8-10k budget... just the tank, pumps and lights can be more than 10k alr.
  9. eh, not sure if its JBJ but i think madpetz sell some clamp on air blower... could be dymax brand.
  10. the colours looks about right if you see the purple of the coralline algae...
  11. GSP usually thrives when there's strong flow..
  12. Try madpetz. Shd be caribsea or Nature's ocean sand
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