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  1. Yup. Frag has been reserved. thank you all for interest.
  2. HI there, I have fragged a pretty big piece of Royal Blue Millie. Attached is the picture. Those who know of my Royal blue will know that it's quite a beauty. The mother colony is behind Price for this piece is SGD350 Pick up will be at my place behind Kovan MRT on weekdays between 7pm to 9pm or can be arranged on weekends. Please PM me if you are interested. FCFS. Thank you very much! Cheers, Jane
  3. Hi all I have a multi branch royal blue milli which I just fragged from my commando mother colony lol Price is $200 Pick up at my place behimd kovan mrt on weekdays 7pm to 9pm or weekends can be arranged. Pls sms or whatsapp at 98766909 Thank you all Jane
  4. thanks nigel. you want or not. Frag B still available. hahah JUST took the pic of the mother colony.
  5. Frag A reserved and will be picked up later today. Frag B still available.
  6. You can see a picture of my mother colony in this prior sales thread : thank you all.
  7. HI all, I fragged these 2 pieces about 2 weeks ago and I haven't had the time to post till now. Pictures taken with Samsung Note 4. Price is SGD150 for each frag. FCFS, WYSIWYG Pick up is at my house behind Kovan MRT on weekday nights 7 to 9pm. Please whatsapp me @ 98766909 to reserve PIc of both frags A better pic of Frag B Thank you all Cheers, Jane
  8. Frags reserved to be picked up tonight. Thank you all for the interest. Till the next time in a couple of weeks time.
  9. Hi, I had fragged this for someone but reefer wanted something bigger so this is now released for sale If not I would have only fragged a couple more weeks down the road! A Multi branch Royal blue milli with 2 smaller branches which fell off during fragging so you can glue it together or separately , up to you. Price for the multi branch frag and the 2 smaller branches : SGD280 Pick up : My house behind KOvan MRT Times : Weekdays between 7pm to 9pm ( this week Wed- Friday I am on training so most likely earliest would be 8pm to 9pm) or on weekends. Whatsapp me at : 98766909. FCFS. Below are pics of my mother colony in my main tank taken from the top and from the side to see placement of the colony in my tank.
  10. Frag D : Reserved by titustitus (XXXX 4940) pick up thursday evening Frag A : Reserved by XXXX 3934 Frag B & C : Reserved by XXXX 9375 Thank you all for the interest and apologies to those who didn't get I will frag again another time. CHeers, Jane
  11. Hi all, I have fragged my mother colony yet again as one side is getting way too big. HEre is the most recent pic of the mother colony after fragging some small pieces off : The Frags available are as per below ( please note some frags could have one side which is not blue due to the branching nature of my colony but with polyp extension) : Frag A : SGD160 Frags B to D : SGD60 each as all are smaller although Frag B is pretty big, because it was cut from the "under" section of the colony ( which as you can see is branching out like a hand) and part of it was shaded by other branches of the blue milli, there is a part of it which is white but actually the polyps there are alive and well. Just no color. From my experience with my blue milli, the color will come back if placed under the right conditions. Pick up and payment to be made at my place 1 street behind Kovan MRT Time : Between 7 to 9pm on weekday evenings ( weekends can be arranged) Whatsapp me @ 98766909 as I don't log in to that often to SRC. FCFS. Thank you very much Cheers, Jane
  12. I am using Ecolamp. My setup is almost 3 years old btw. Very mature and stable system. My royal blue milli is super commando one. Can tahhan chapalan water, mass dosing and even once my condenser died for over a day and water temp hit 31 degrees ( about a year plus ago that this happened) and I lost 1 SPS colony but my royal blue ... no casualty , no loss of color.. it seems to survive anything I throw at it!!! It just gets blue-er by the day! SO am pretty darn sure that it will survive in ANY Tank condition. LOL thanks for the comments. BTw, FRAG reserved to be collected this weekend. Till the next fragging in a few weeks time!
  13. Hi all, I fragged my mother colony again. Please see attached pic of the multi branch for sale as well as a pic of the mother colony after the trim. Collection on Weeknights between 7pm to 930pm behind kovan MRT or on weekends at a pre-arranged timing. If interested, please whatsapp me at 98766909. FCFS. Please do not PM me as I am unable to log into SRC as often as I used to. Payment either in cash or bank transfer before coming to collect. Frag for sale @ SGD220 Picture taken with normal Samsung Note 2 phone. MOther colony as reference
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