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  1. model Dymax 1800 flowrate should be 1800 L/H Selling for 6 bucks pm me
  2. good for using it as a device to mix salt water
  3. FLOW RATE : 1800 liters/hour WATTAGE : 30W AQUARIUM SIZE : 250 liters USAGE : Aquarium <<< BACK
  4. model Dymax 1800 flowrate should be 1800 L/H Selling for 8 bucks Please sms me at 90686016 don pm thanks
  5. collect tomorrow will let go at ten bucks Thanks
  6. Dymax PH 1800 AC230V 50 Hz 45W H:2.4 M L/H 1500 Selling for 12 bucks short of one suction cup but is ok as it is place level on ground Please sms me at 90686016
  7. i pm or ring him he dun answer only own me fourty bucks but dun return me for the past one whole year
  8. Come with cabinet and sump tank and metal halide light system 250 wat single ended no bulb No camera no pic on site viewing call 90686016 for details self delivery at bedok reservoir
  9. Up collection can be done at central today please sms do not pm thanks Please note book is in hard covering
  10. Selling the above for twenty three only ! Great for new and exp reefer . Book by famous julian spr ung very great photos with description sms 90686016 to deal now
  11. sorry for the error is not 1 GB is 512 price reduce to 20 thanks
  12. for lappy top use come with lifetime warrenty one please sms me at 90686016 for details
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