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  1. hmmmm.. does this means that the hexagon system is similar to a RO/DI water which i can use for my marine set up? This link can access ? http://www.ecosway.com/usstore/us/ProductDetails_us.jsp?prodId=48116
  2. i just googled about the water system that my dad installed in my house and it turns out that there is resin as part of its filtration system. its called hexagon alkaline water. is this RO/DI? http://www.google.com.sg/imgres?um=1&hl=en&safe=off&sa=N&rlz=1C1SKPL_enSG477SG477&biw=1920&bih=955&tbm=isch&tbnid=9FEWCLXILIh6GM:&imgrefurl=http://www.ecosway.com/usstore/us/ProductDetails_us.jsp%3FprodId%3D48116&docid=VjCl4_rwiRCBMM&imgurl=http://www.ecosway.com/ecos_us_files/product/en_US/48116/images/48116_chart_US.jpg&w=530&h=344&ei=dWfwT_PJGsvtrQfV1Ji9DQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=182&vpy=159&dur=3&hovh=181&hovw=279&tx=184&ty=43&sig=100699957327424321062&page=1&tbnh=131&tbnw=202&start=0&ndsp=49&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:72
  3. Thanks bro for ur help, i'll probably go for a 2ft cube IOS set up. skimmer wise i think im going for a BM NAC 3.5. skimz over budget.. i would love for a chiller but parents opposed it. my home already got a Hexagon Alkaline water unit but i don't think that is a RO/DI unit.. so i'll probably run a carbon + resin method... Another thing i read is that RO/DI unit removes stuff like nitrates and phosphate found in our tap water to reduce algae growth.. will carbon + resin remove them as well? custom tank usually more expensive.. i intend to camp at this forum's buy/sell place for a set up.
  4. i've read this part somewhere in this forum.. and im thinking of doing this if i run a IOS or my canister filter which means i have space inside my cabinet to house a 10g tank mainly used for water change and top up water. is the method result the same as RO/DI water or close enough?
  5. Thanks alot kaykay for your reply i appreciated it alot. most probably i will source for a 2ft cube with IOS, 2x1.5x1.5 ft with sump or 2x1.5x1.5ft and use my fluval fx5. looking for 2nd hand one though. as for the substrate, where is a good place to get the caribsea? ML? irwana? and do u mean redsea coral pro salt? can the lower range redsea salt do good for corals too? i have been reading up alot and it seems like one of the major factor people failed in nano is being unable to resist temptation to slowly stock the tank. i guess i will cycle the tank for 1 month and slowly month by month fishes and corals will go in... Thanks once again to all that helped!
  6. Thanks for clarifying bro, indeed it will be better but i dont have the luxury to enjoy that. Not much space at home to house cartons of water as well, my parents will kill me! hahah.. thanks bro shall visit ML some day.
  7. Thanks for the address. So tap water with seachem prime will be alright too?
  8. Sounds good too if it's a 2ft cube with ios. Do you still have space for media like bio home? Ur ios at the side or back? As for distilled water. I do not drive so it's actually kinds hard for me to buy distilled water every week too. Able to pm me price of the LRs At ML? Do they sell corals and equipments too? Thanks!
  9. you are using 24watts T5HO or normal T5? i wonder if theres other cheaper yet better alternative for salt mix? and i cant seem to find the answer if it is ok to use tap water +seachem prime(to remove chlorine/cholromine) for both initial set up and top up of water. or issit a must to use RO/DI water? because i doubt i am able to do so with RO/DI water. ML stands for? marine life? where is this shop located? Thanks alot for your reply clownfish forever!
  10. Hey guys, i have been reading lots of stuff recently regarding a nano tank and finally decided to start a thread today. i have been a lover of marine fish long time ago and has all the while been keeping freshwater fishes (planted tank) but previous attempt to set up one was always scrapped in the end due to being financially strapped cause im still a student. So recently i thought its time i let go my freshwater set up to dive into marine setup but still i intend to go on a budget. really need all the help i can get now to clear all my doubts. it will be at least 1 - 2 months more till i do a set up as exams are coming up and will only do so after it. meanwhile im starting to plan early to make sure i do not make any big mistake.. most of the equipments i'll be getting should be 2nd hand as well. the set up will have corals as well since they are the ones that attracted me so much. probably Zoas(my fav) mushrooms, GSP and some LSP corals? here are my bunch of questions : Tank size : 2x1.5x1.5ft (was thinking if a 2ft cube will be a better size..) 30 gallon tank. Filtration : i currently have a fluval Fx5 (2300l/hr) canister filter filled with biohome(red) and eheim Mech, running on my 4x2x2ft planted tank. can this be reused for my 2ft tank? i know sump tank would be a better choice since i can put my skimmer there and also have more volume but is that really alot better than a canister filter? Lighting : LEDs seems to be the trend now for lighting.. but due to being on a budget i doubt i will go for LEDs. those high end ones that works well for marine are really expensive. i'll probably go for T5 or T5HO lighting. is 2x24watt or should i go for 4x24watt for the above mentioned corals? Cooling : I will be using fan to chill the tank down. i can achieve 27C easily on my 422 even on such hot days now. so i can probably expect 27 - 28C on a marine since it has more equipments running. is that cold enough for zoas, gsp and lsp corals? i know that chiller would be a much better choice but my parents rejected the idea due to the electricity bill and the heat expelled by the chiller. Skimmer : i read that bubble magus seems to be one of the better bang for the buck skimmer out there. and i also read that if i want to have a well stocked with both fishes and corals tank its better to go for a overated skimmer. so will BM NAC3+, NAC3.5 or NAC5A be a better choice? But that 3 skimmer will only be used if im going for sump tank, if not it will probably be BM NAC QQ for hang on inside tank. and what are the difference? Wavemaker : i have a sunsun 2000l/hr wavemaker. is this sufficient? Substrate : i noticed caribsea live sand seem to be a popular choice. will a thin layer be sufficient? Salt mix : Redsea salt seems to be popular. what is the most bang for the buck marine salt out there that is good enough for corals too? and is SG1.025 be the specific gravity i should aim for? Nutrients addition: is this needed if the salt is gonna provide those stuff like calcium, magnesium etc etc? Live rock : Where to buy good and cured live rock? How many fishes and corals can i keep if i do 10 - 15% WC weekly? That should be all for now.. i apologies for the long questions cause i cant find the exact answer to mine through searches and googling.. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for your info bro... still reading up alot.. have not yet to decide if i should go into marine.. Btw, can OHF be used in marine tank also?
  12. Hi guys, have been reading up alot but still have some enquires.. i do have a 422 tank now rearing freshwater fish but i have plans to go marine.. the tank is around 3 - 4 years old and is 10 or 12mm thick with full bracing.. issit safe enough to start a marine tank? as im running only canister filter now.. can i do without a skimmer? what i have now is a 2x55watt 8000k PL light, sunsun 3000l/hr wavemaker and a canister full of media... i'll be adding fan to cool down the tank as well.. can i start a marine tank with just fishes and some easy corals like mushrooms and zoas? thanks.
  13. oh.. so i guess i'll go for the cheaper alternative of normal sand.. and yes.. swiming space is rathe small.. maybe i'll skip clownfish since i think they grow rather big.. maybe goby or some sexy shrimp?
  14. im sad to say the 1ft cube tank is only 6gallon! haha.. oh ya.. whats the difference between live sand and those cheapo brandless coral sand in LFS?
  15. thanks raydiative for your reply.. will see how my parents react to me starting a marine tank.. if they give green light, i'll proceed with the setup.
  16. thanks, will get a wave maker then.. ok.. so the equipments will be as followed : 1ft cube tank with IOS filter filled with media. fan to keep tank at 27 - 29C live sand - How many KG needed? live rock - How many KG needed? where to find? i got no car since im student.. lighting will be 15watt FL(new tube) coral i intend to keep only zoas and mushrooms. any other easy to maintain coral like the 2? fish - maybe clownfish and shrimps, undecided yet.. can keep hermit crabs? wavemaker - how many l/hr is recommanded?
  17. oh.. i was thinking since this jebo skimmer has a flow rate of 900l/hr i thought that it might provide enough flowrate for the corals since i also have a 400l/hr pump running?
  18. those are expensive skimmer.. haha.. was thinking if the jebo should be cheap and would be a good replacement for the wave maker.. does it skims well? i cant find any reviews on this product.
  19. so its relatively doable? any idea if this is a good replacement for wavemaker? My link
  20. thanks binosage for your reply, your tank is really nice! a pity that IOS area is small, i bought a dymax PH400 pump today.. 400l/hr.. same flowrate as boyu, only 5W usage while the boyu is 11watt.. is there a 800l/hr pump that is just as small as the dymax and boyu one? too big cant fit in..
  21. thanks bro, just a student here with budget... therefore need to do lots of research.. you see i joined this forum nov 07 and had been occasionally reading about marine tanks.. this few day chance upon a few nano marine tanks and the itchy comes again..
  22. thanks raydiative for those links. oh.. now i know.. haven't really confirm that i will be starting a marine tank.. still deciding.. anyway, above that tank is my 422 aro tank.. you guys think i can drip water into this tank directly from that aro tank to replace evaporated water from fan? my aro tank's water quality is very good.. bioload low too.
  23. hi goondoo, saw your tank in AQ, very nice indeed.. whats defector? hmm.. if thats the case, will get a small nano wavemaker then.. how long would cycling take?
  24. ye bro.. thanks, im not keeping any shrimps now.. keeping arowana instead. issit a must to add another wavemaker? first its ulgy and then it builds up heat.. was hoping 400L/hr pump will be enough.. if clownfish is not recommanded, do you have any nice fish in mind? thanks.
  25. hi guys, im wondering if i can start a nano marine tank with a 30 (W) x 34 (L) x 37 (H) tank.. its a boyu all-in-one tank.. meaning it does have an IOS filter behind. i have never been in marine before but has been playing freshwater for years.. i do not have any space for any bigger tank and this is the biggest i can get.. filter flow rate is 400l/hr. temp of tank maintained at 28C with fan.. i wonder if i can keep some sexy shrimp, a pair of small clownfish, some zoas and mushroom? can the tank survive well without protein skimmer but have weekly WC? thanks.
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