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  1. Dipping does nothing if the corals does not get inspected for eggs. and i do not expect any LFS to throughly inspect every single coral for eggs after dipping.
  2. How big? With that quantity I reckon you'll need a pond.
  3. Not sure if discussions are allowed here, and mod please remove if not appropriate. Just curious, what were you thinking when you decided to get so many juv blue tang for your tank?
  4. What corals are you keeping? if its softies/lps dominated, prime 16HD should be sufficient. if SPS dominated you'll probably need a AI 26/32HD.
  5. This is my 6 Months old RSR170! https://www.instagram.com/evoreefz/
  6. Pink gonio frag RESERVED. Left this tri branch rose Millepora at $15. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Rainbow infusion zoas RESERVED Take the red Gonio and rose millepora for $50.
  8. Sunset milepora and Golden Millepora RESERVED
  9. As per attached photo counting from top left to bottom right. Top left and centre - 1-1.5" sunset Millepora $15 Top right - 1-1.5" golden Millepora $15 Bottom left - multi branch 1cm rose Millepora $15 Bottom centre - bright red Goniopora on large 3cm frag plug $40 Bottom right - rainbow infusion zoas $20 Take all for $90 Whatsapp me at 910six393four, collection at woodlands or iwarna on sat morning. Thanks for viewing. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Red carpet anemone Acan garden the zoas/lps corner Top view Current stocking of the tank is at: 1x Purple tang 2x Black ice snowflake cownfish 1x Royal Gramma 1x Naoko Wrasse 2x Mandrain dragonet pair Im considering adding 1 more fish, likely a flame hawk..
  11. Enough talking, I'll let the pictures do the talking next! Purple bonsai Red millie, one of the new frags i bought a month ago to 'test' water after things started stablizing. Miyagi tort, had lots of burnt tips and it turned totally brown, was surprised this didnt STN in the end. One of my favourite, a blue body red poylp acro, this took the crash surprisngly well and didn't change much. Not exactly sure what this is, got it for free from a friend and its coloring up really nicely. Purple nana perhaps? ever encrusting red stag, or rather, brown st
  12. Day 175 Its been almost 2 months since i updated this tank thread! Glad to see the forum's back to normal and my thread is opened! Its been a rocky past 2 months for the tank, battled a 'mini crash' where i lost quite a few SPS and inconsistent nutrients level. In summary, i started losing SPS and couldn't pin point it to a single source. I stopped dosing everything (except for my DIY Tropic Marin All-For-Reef solution) and started doing 10% water change every few days. Weeks gone by and the tank started to stablize again, I figured what could possibly caused the 'crash'
  13. Setosa sold! 2 frags remaining, LA lakers and candy cane! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Fruit loops reserved. Take the setosa, Candy cane and LA Lakers for $35.
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