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  1. Sale is back after CNY break!


    As usual, photos taken under white light with yellow filter to portray coral color as accurately as possible, no further editing.


    Top left to bottom right:


    Top left - Red stag 2 x 1" branch - $15


    Top right - utter chaos 1 polyp - $15


    Bottom left - rainbow infusion 3 polyps - $15


    Bottom middle - purple monster 4 polyps - $20


    Bottom right - sunny D 3 polyps - $15


    Take all for $75 FOC a 3" frag of forest fire digitata!


    Self collect at woodlands, no viewing during this period.


    WhatsApp me at 910six393four.


    Thanks for viewing. IMG_20210222_203104.jpeg


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  2. 3 minutes ago, Validator said:

    Thanks Evolutionz, that BubbleMagus Skimmer looks like it was made for that little corner!  But does it get in the way of your ATO reservoir?

    Edit I noted that you took it out later.  Any reviews on it?

    That BM Z6 skimmer just kept overflowing for weeks till i gave up and sold it away. I have used a Deltec SC1350 and BM Curve 5 for this tank and couldn't get much skimmate out it till i changed to a Skimz DC SN123.

  3. 2 hours ago, Validator said:

    Hi All,

    I am hoping to set up a Red Sea Reefer 200XL in the near future.  I discovered that the set ups don't include the return pump and the skimmer are not included.  Looking for advice on the equipment I can consider based on the following criteria for a budget conscious new reefer.

    Return Pump - Red Sea website suggested a 2000L per hour pump.  I would like something that is quiet and performs well. 

    Low budget: Jebao DCP-4000

    High Budget: Vectra S2

    Skimmer - would like to get one with a smaller footprint that won't take up too much space in the sump as I hope to have a refugium in the sump as well.  Should be quiet.  Not sure what else to look out for in a skimmer.  

    Low budget: Bubble Magus Curve 5 or a 2nd hand Skimz SN123/SM121

    High Budget: Nyos 120

    Lighting - I would probably go with the Reef LEDs for this.  I like the idea that the stand can be lifted up to access the tank.  Any other lights that can do that and also can be programmed?

    Low budget: Noopsyche K7 Pro II LED (2 units if going full SPS)

    High Budget: Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 (XR30 G5 if going full SPS)

    Flow generation - looking for recommendations on DC wave makers that would be suitable for such this size set up so that I can vary the flow.

    Low budget: 2x Jebao SLW-10/SLW-20

    High Budget: 2x Ecotech MP10 or 2x AI Nero 3

    Chiller - I might get one at a later time due to feedback that I need one for corals.  I do intend to just keep softies since I hear they are more forgiving.  I would like to get one with a small footprint.

    Low budget: 2nd hand Arctica 1/10hp or Teco TK500

    High Budget: Brand new Arctica 1/10hp or Teco TK500

    Any other inputs invited.  Forgive the noobish questions.

    This is just my personal opinion and also how much you willing to spend on the tank. 

    I have a similar tank Reefer 170 and i use many of the mentioned equipment above (mainly the low budget one), the only one i do not recommand getting the cheaper brand is chiller, i have been through most of the brands out there and honestly i would rather buy a old 2nd hand arctica or Teco (new TK series only) than a brand new Haliea. 

    Here is my tank thread for your reference.. do note that whatever i say is not the only ones you should consider but just what i would use.


  4. As usual, top left to bottom right.


    Top left - Aussie deep blue tenuis 1" x 3 branches $20


    Top right - tri-color staghorn (green body, blue stems and purple tip) 1.5" multi-branch $20


    Bottom left - 3 huge polyps rainbow infusion zoas (a couple baby polyps popping out) $20


    Bottom middle - 5 polyps blue orgasm zoas $20


    Bottom right - 2 polyps armour of God (1 baby polyp) $20


    Take all for only $90 and FOC a rasta zoas frag!


    2nd photo attached are mother colony of the sps frags for reference.


    WhatsApp me at 910six393four. Collection at woodlands.


    Thanks for viewing! IMG_20210204_231417.jpegIMG_20210204_231555.jpeg


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  5. 1 hour ago, tetelestai777 said:

    Hi ALL, Im new here. Have zero experience on marine/reef tank. But I have been keeping a planted fresh water aquarium for about 10 years. I want get into the marine/reef tank hobby and start with either a 600mm or 900mm tank. Since the start up cost of this hobby comes with a hefty price tag, would you know if there are marine tank shops that offers 0% installment plan?

    Welcome! I believe some LFS do offer that, i do know Madpetz has 0% installment plan on their red sea tanks.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Rattas said:

    U can’t eradicate vertimids imo, u can keep them under control tho 

    I beg to differ, i had a vertimid out break and after adding 10 bumblebee snails, and after crushing as many as i can find, i have yet to find a new one for a few months!

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  7. Top left to bottom right as per usual. Photo taken using white light with no editing.


    Top left - purple monster zoas $20


    Top right - fibre Optic pocillopora $15


    Bottom left - bam bam orange zoas $10


    Bottom middle - blue orgasm zoas $20


    Bottom right - mandarin orange zoas $20


    Take all for $75!


    Collection at woodlands, no viewing during this period. Whatsapp me at 910six393four.


    Thanks for viewing. IMG_20210128_160105.jpeg


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  8. 1) Bio-media 

    Marine pure balls x 16

    High quality Bio rods x 10 (1 is broken into 2)

    20201230_221608 20201230_221615

    Both going for $15.

    2) Seachem nitrogen 250ml (90% left) - $5

    3) Seachem Stress guard 500ml (75% left) $10


    4) Dolphin PWD-500 return pump

    - Missing the top screw in inlet portion, easily available at MadPetz or Y618.

    - About 2yrs old, on and off only ran it about a week+ as i bought it for emergency use when my return pump spoilt, and it was kept as back up afterwards.



    5) Tunze 9001

    - Great condition, 1yr old. comes with all accessories shown in pic. Selling as i've upgraded skimmer, this skimmer works great on small tank and is quiet enough for me to sleep with no issue at night.




    6) IM Mini Max Full size reactor

    - Great for biopellets or GFO

    - Great condition, 1 yr old +/-.

    - Cable was cut and extended using extension connector but does not hamper operations

    - Top cover of the reactor was broken and glued back but it is purely asthetics.


    Link to the specs and price below:


    20210125_200404 20210125_200408



    Selling only at $40.


    7) Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget ReefRack 50

    - Pratically brand new, went into my tank and out it goes, couldn't find a good place to put it!



    Selling at $15.


    I'm also open to trade for corals of the same value. Collection will be at woodlands.

    Whatsapp me at 910Six393Four


    Thanks for viewing.

  9. 10 hours ago, he said:

    Are those K7 led that you are using ? Nothing much change, except corals are nowsaday more expensive haha..

    Yup those are Noopsyche K7 Pro II LEDs, i think they are the best valued for money fixture in the market right now. I do not have the Hydra 26s to compare to, but they do look identical spectrum wise. 

    Fishes are also getting more expensive too! 

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