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  1. My fishes don't like Omega One. They always spit out the flakes. They only like Ocean Nutrition Formula 2 flakes. I wonder why... Omega One's flakes smells nicer and fresher to me though.
  2. Yeah, quite true. now the fishy finally eating ytd and terrorising my other fishes. but i thought angel eat nori too? i tried feeding but it is not interested... hmmmm
  3. Same for the bi-color angel i bought yesterday from j & j. auntie told me that fish is with them for 2 mths and feeding already. but until today still not feeding in my tank. still stress, maybe? hope this guy survives, this is a really nice specimen then again, i always have no luck with dwarf angels. sigh...
  4. upz again.... last call, last call
  5. upz. anyone intend to upgrade and let go their tunze 6060?
  6. Hi, looking for tunze 6060. anybody selling? Thanks!
  7. Bro, when the babies grow to about 2 - 3 cm can sell a couple of them to me?
  8. If you live in the East side, can collect from me. Have little extra rocks.
  9. Recommend you to my supplier. They should have it. Their office near old airport road market. Techno Marine, Tel: 6447 4163
  10. Thank you very much, appreciate it if you could pass me his contact details. Cheers!
  11. Most importantly, officer must be "yandao"
  12. Dear Bros and Sis, Anyone knows any guide in Batam that speaks English/Chinese and drives? I need to go there often for short business trips but i cannot speak "bahasa". sigh... Please, please recommend to me. Just need him to drive me to my customers' office and get me through the guards. Thnx
  13. As above, my company has a tugboat for a project in Pasir Panjang and we urgently needs to employ Singaporean helmsman and engine driver to steer this boat. If any bro or their friends/relatives is interested, please contact me via pm. Thank you.
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