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  1. Solite T5 light + 2ft x 1ft x 1 ft tank selling for S$60.
  2. Hi, I'm selling my Solite T5 light (for 2ft tank) at S$70. Please send me a message if you keen. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm giving away my Maroon Crown, Blue Damsel and live rock (small pcs). Collect at C'wealth.
  4. Hi, Selling my RedSea Prizm Hang On Protein Skimmer at S$70 as I'm intend to decom my 2ft tank. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a Resun CL450 chiller to sell at S$150/-. Thanks
  6. Hi Only tank cos I'm placing it on my dining table.
  7. Hi, Due to commitments to my works. I need to decomm my 2ft tank. Selling the following items, all for S$200:- 2ftx1ftx1ft tank (Live rock, 1 fire crown, 1 damsel, 2 shrimps) Resun CL450 (1 year) Jebo 835 external canister filter (1 year 5 mths) Solite T5 light (1 year 5 mth) Redsea Prizm Hang On Protein Skimmer (6 mths) All the above items are in good condition. If you are interested. Please email me. Thanks & regards Kenneth
  8. Hi, My company planning to set up a new (L)1400mm x (B)760mm x (H) 900mm glass tank 15mm. Anyone can recommend a good supplier?
  9. Hi Souphamster, I bot 1 too but not really working well....
  10. S$15-20 not sure is it consider cheap....
  11. Hi saw a few hammer at C328. On sales now.
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