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  1. sand to be cleared away! and about 20kg of live rocks to be cleared too! quick contact me at jasminsoh@gmail.com. quick quick!
  2. Yo! Selling this at $2K, $1K below the recommended retail price of $3099. Comex sold this for $2099! Comes with 1 year warranty. Have yet to collect it from Sony Creative. You may view the picture and details from the following website. http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/concept/L/feature.html Leave me a pm or email me at jasminsoh@gmail.com. Act fast!
  3. still have about 20-30kg of rocks left...and sand aplenty! Please pm me to make arrangements to collect this Wed or Thurs evening after 6. Act fast! For those who pm me about the tank, I am only able to let go the tank after the rocks and sand is cleared. Thank you
  4. tentatively reserved! thank you for your quick responses! will update if the items are still available.
  5. Didn't manage to clear my tank the other time due to lack of time.... It's CLEARING TIME AGAIN! Any takers? rocks rocks rocks! pleny of small-medium size rocks for grabs. PM or email me at jasminsoh@gmail.com. This time really must clear liao cuz wedding is in 3-4 weeks time.
  6. bUmP full 1 year warranty! comex is selling for $2999 but I am only selling $2200 (negotiable)!
  7. Hi all..... anyone interested in getting brand new SONY VAIO (U.P. $3099) for only $2200? More than $800 savings!!!! email me at jasminsoh@gmail.com. Serious takers only.....
  8. Dear all existing reefers and reefer-wannabes As I am getting married and would be moving out of my place, I would not restart my existing tank. Will be giving out the items I have been using for the past 2 years without charging a fee. However, a small token of appreciations would be greatly appreciated as it would be going into my hongpao fund, ha ha hah! Just joking! Please be informed that I would be clearing my 3 feet reef tank from now. Please bring your own containers/bags/buckets. The items for grabs include the following: 1) Grade 0 and 1 sand (mixed and used and dry now) - approximately 2 huge packets. 2) 30-40kg of cured rocks- not too sure if still considered live rocks, confirmed no fire worms or other pests. As I am using a bare bottom tank, the rocks are also rather free from and sand particles Venue of collection: Jellicoe Road, Lavender Please email me at jasminsoh@gmail.com for arrangement of time, etc. Thanks for your attention!!!!
  9. Hi there.... I have two tickets to Broadway Beng on 11th August 2006, 8pm at DBS http://www.sistic.com.sg/cms/events/index.html?content=311. They are in the Cat 2 category, $37/tic, right in the centre of the row facing the centre of the stage. Couldn't turn up for the performance because there is a company function that evening Not earning a profit here as I have paid $2 extra dollars per ticket to get the good seats. Please leave me a PM or email me at jas_soh@yahoo.com asap if you are keen to get them. WHILE THE TICKETS LAST. Many thanks. Take at least a minute a day to think for yourself..
  10. hahah....oh dear... i meant to ask ppl here if you know where I can sure find such services....am wondering if you can still find them along clarke quay??
  11. Dearest all Need help here... Am pondering where can I find a caricature artist or comic drawing artist on a Sat evening?? Noooh, the kind that sit by the roadside or riverside drawing you into a cartoon kind... Please advise!!!!!
  12. I was browsing the internet and I am mystified by this website... http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-02/totm/index.php Total System Volume: 7850 liters (2074 gallons) !!!!
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