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  1. Thanks to all who PM. Tree is reserved with payment.
  2. Hi, I’ve got a Kenya Tree colony for sale. $30. There are 2 big, 2 medium and 3 small branches growing on the rock. PM me if you’re interested. Collection at Hougang ST51. cheers!
  3. Dear all, DudeInShades PM first and had made payment already! Didn't know this YT is so popular. Sorry to disappoint, YT is sold already. Thanks for the support. Cheers!
  4. Hi, This yellow tang has been with me for nearly 2 years, medium size, about 8cm in length. Its is fat and certainly a ferocious eater! It is now not getting along well with its tank mates - tail-spot blenny, razorfish etc... So thinking of letting it go. I will only catch the fish if there is a confirmed buyer. Looking at $80 (fixed). PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  5. Thanks to all Bros for the support. Only left with 1 $5 branch and a few $2 small frags. All $10 & $30 are taken. Cheets!
  6. Kenya Tree coral for sale. Price ranging from $2 (small frags), $5, $10 to $30 (large colony, only 1 available). Please refer to attached photos for reference. PM me if you are interested. Collection at Hougang ST51, FCFS Thanks for viewing
  7. Dear All, Thanks for your interest. Hope I have responded to all PMs. The net is now reserved and pending collection. Cheers!
  8. Hi, Brand new Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover for sale. 150 by 80 cm. $10 Collection at Hougang area. PM me if you’re interested. Cheers!
  9. Dear All, I've got a slightly more than 1 year old Artica 1/2 HP Chiller for sale. Looking at $700. I've just decomm my 4 footer tank hence letting this go. You may want to refer to this for the detailed specs :http://www.jbjlighting.com/pdfs/comm_chiller_manual.pdf Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers!
  10. Seriously, I don't want to decomm But the cabinet starting to give way.
  11. Dear All, A reefer texted me within 1 minute of my post. He wants my media, lights, pumps and wavemaker. However, I do have a number of pumps. And some others have expressed interest in the reactors. I'll update later on the stuff that are still available later. Thanks for your interest. Cheers, simon
  12. Dear All, With much sadness, I have to decomm my 15 years old reef tank as the tank cabinet is giving way. All live rocks, corals and fishes are taken. I'm now selling and giving away free stuff with purchase. I'll post the pics and details of equipment (phosphate reactors, bio pellets reactors, 4 feet maxspect LED, Tunze wave maker with controller, Eheim pumps etc...) later. Price will be $50 and below. For now, I'm selling bacteria media - Bacteria King (10 liters) and Biohome/Biohome Plus (1 Kg) for $10. FOC macro algae (cheato plus others that started growing in the sump) take as much as you want. I am planning to take down the tank some time next week. So if you want these stuff 'Live', please come collect latest by this weekend. I am still running and lighting up the sump for now. PM me if you are interested. FCFS. Thanks! simon
  13. Monti reserved and pending collection. Cheers!
  14. Candy Cane reserved and pending collection. Cheers!
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