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  1. Dear all, So sorry I am unable to get back to all, most of the equipment sold. Left the following, if interested, please PM me again. 1. Redsea Hangon Skimmer - $30 2. Coral RX 1oz ( Used only a few time, 90% full) - $20 3. TLF Nanomag - $10 4. 'Live' Biohome Plus (>1kg) - $25
  2. Dear reefers, once again, thanks for the good interest. But so sorry that i wont be able to get back to all, and also i need to give priority to reefer who is getting more equipments at a time.
  3. Dear Reefers, I have the following equipments for sales. PM me if you are interested. 1. Hydor Koralia Nano wavemaker: $20 (only touch water once, bought from aquamarin, no more warranty) 2. Hydor Koralia 1 wavemaker: $15 (Used around 3years) 3. Redsea hangon Skimmer: $40 (Used around 2 years) 4. 1/10 Hp Artica Chiller: $200 (Used around 5years as far as i can remember) 5. Coral RX: $20 (Used a few time, 90% Full) 6. Refractometer: $15 7. TDS Meter: $10 (the one that comes with Crystal pro DI Unit) 8. Maxspect G1, 110W Lighting: $50 (condition 5/10) Will free pH pen to those who purchase several items.
  4. Dear all, All corals sold to a nice reefer, thanks for the interest. Will start another one for equipment. Mod, Please close the thread. Thank you !
  5. Dear reefers, thank you for your interest. Currently reserve for a reefer who is taking all of the corals. Please pardon me that I didn't reply to your PM.
  6. Due to hectic work schedule, have to decom my 2x1x1. Everything to go... 1. Brain - $15 2. Super sun - $15 3. Goni - $15 4. Acan (not sure, the one behind Brain coral) - $15 5. Plate - $15 6. Rhodatics - $20 (around 10 poly) 7. around 1 feet LR with zoa - $10 8. Clam - $20 9. Green mushroom - $10 10. Yellow Yuma - $15 11. Will free common clown, blue damsel and royal gramma if interested to those who take several corals. Prefer reefer who can take more corals at one time. If take all, we can discuss. PM me if interested. Please help... need to clear them fast.
  7. Dear Reefers and people, I am currently doing a part time marketing course and as part of the course requirement. I need to conduct some market survey, I hope you all dont mind spare 5 -10 minutes of your time to help me complete the attached survey and send it back to me at marinakid84@yahoo.com. Many thanks for the help! deeply appreciated. Questionnaires_v.pdf
  8. Can share what fish is this? some kind of mandarine?
  9. very good concept! certainly will be very impressive when it is fully stock.
  10. still available. any kind soul want to adopt?
  11. Thanks for coming up with the package. let me check my budget if i can get anything from you. all are so tempting!
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