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  1. Yes, as mentioned by the owner of that coral here, he paid $488 for that 'dead' coral. Heard that tomorrow got more sps coming in. Don't know if its deep sea snowypora or not. Maybe you can go take a look and share?
  2. This guy has a huge pond. An alternative location if he is willing.
  3. Selling a small piece of LR with blue cloves for $12. LR is about half a palm size. No photoshop.. Collection at Toa Payoh weekday after 7.30pm.
  4. Hi Bro, it is certainly interesting, but not uncommon. I ever experienced this myself. But the 'budding' died before it grew out. Others were lost inside the rocks due to water flow. This phenomenon also includes hammer and frogspawn corals, though the latter is harder to get it to bud. Mine detached on its own, maybe due to strong flow or fish disturbance. Hope you succeed in propagating lots of torches.
  5. Patrick, i feel sorry for you, really. Having to spend $488 on white snowypora corals, mislabelled as deepwater sps that are near dead is truly unethical of that lfs. Hope you at least had a "positive zest reefing experience" there. I also hope that newbies like kohmarine will learn and not fall for such scams.
  6. Patrick, that snowypora photo is being circulated around. I think it even made it to RC. Maybe you can give some feedback on the white sps that you bought. Can you confirm if its a deepwater sps or not? Is it still alive and white or already turned into tonga rock?
  7. Honkit, thanks for shedding some light on this. So if the pic that I posted is not a deepwater sps but instead a shallow, high light loving coral, then it should not be in such a white and pale colour? Then why is it being sold for such a high price and termed as a deepwater sps?
  8. Thanks xiggie for the explanation. But somehow I read that these snowypora are not being sold as bleached or pastel coloured sps but labelled as deepwater sps hence the white pale colour. I'm new to this species especially deepwater sps so hope some sps expert can shed some light on this topic here.
  9. I'm also not a sps expert and I'm new to deepwater sps so I can't be sure if its the "deep sea pale white sps". I only know they call it snowypora. Going to up lorry or not I can't be certain but I'm sure it won't be on sale at such a high price if its going to up lorry right? That would be unethical.
  10. Managed to get a pic of the elusive deepwater snowypora species. Whether its some rare deepwater sps I'm not sure, but paying so much for a white sps, it should be extremely rare indeed. Just pray that it doesn't turn into tonga rock.
  11. Not sure those are deep water sps bro, but I heard alot about snowypora species. Maybe its the new hobby name for deepwater sps. Anyway, according to coral exporters and collectors, deepwater sps are found in depths of 20m max. Any deeper and i dont think they can recieve much sunlight. Please correct me if im wrong. Still learning here.
  12. For those whose aircon pipings are not internal, you can connect the output and use the pipe as drainage.
  13. andtsg, technically you're not wrong, really. I also read that feeding them TLF marine snow helps in snowyopora growth.
  14. A more useful link. http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=14738309
  15. Latest trend... selling white sps taken under blue lights to happy newbies.

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  16. Now the very popular trend has reached sg, snowypora the latest sps hype now. Took a few years to hit us here though. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1928558
  17. Yes depending on your light spectrum as well. Sps colours differ from diff light. Sometimes you buy a sps from reefer tank look very nice but under your own lights it look different colour.also some sps will turn green before brown... Now white sps is the in thing. One lfs is selling white sps. Can go check it out. Hurry before it turns into tonga rock!!
  18. It will only shock your fishes if you turn it on suddenly... do your fishes have appetite to eat though?
  19. Milli and stag currently awaiting collection.
  20. Left out these 2 frags for sale. Teal blue stag (3-4cm) - $8 Pink milli with white polyps - $20
  21. My experience with vinegar dosing is a bad one. Though it does reduce po4, I rather choose other natural means of export instead. Don't simply dose anything if you're not sure what you're doing.
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