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  1. Yeah crazy right! Can't believe it's been so long since I took down my tank.
  2. Talk about bringing back an old thread. So much nostalgia looking at pics of my former tank. Those were the days...
  3. Gosh this place has changed a lot since I last been here. Lots of nice tanks too.
  4. Hi fellas, Figured it's been almost 14 years since I joined this place. Just wanted to pop by to say hi. BH
  5. Selling this skimmer that was customised for me from Reef Maniacs. This is a 6 inch diameter recirculating Beckett with a special design that allows for 3 interchangable modes of usage. All I can say is that this skimmer design gave me "a cup a day" if you know what I mean haha, the design is just so efficient. Mode 1: Normal Beckett mode Skimmer is run like conventional Beckett skimmers Mode 2: Recirculating mode Skimmer is run with recirculation to increase bubble contact time with water Mode 3: Needlewheel mode Skimmer can be fitted with a needlewheel pump at the re
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