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  1. Coral farm shipment update Hawaii shipment yellow tang, kole tang, crosshatch trigger female (1pc), thompsoni anthias (1pc), potters angel bali coral shipment - yumas
  2. Coral Farm shipment: spotted face tang, desjardinii sailfin tang, yellow fin naso tang, powder blue tang, orange anthias male/female, Naoko fairy wrasse male, yellow regal angel, blue face angel, blue lipstick angel, imperator angel, fire clown, Clark anemone (indo), clown trigger 20 cm 1 pc, hybrid powder blue tang 1 pc Still got Coco angels-small to medium Size, price within $500 to $600 range depending on size.
  3. Coral farm should be 1 of the biggest farms.
  4. Coral farm always have them most of the time unless you looking for special one.
  5. Coco angel and lemon peel from that region. The lemon peel eyes are smaller.
  6. Likely due water lvl issue and breakin period. For water lvl issue, u can try to adjust the knob on the skimmer or elevate it.
  7. Budget reef...sponge, big polyp Zola or paly series, wavy leather series and maybe Some big mushroom type like elephant ear etc. Leather, some lfses sell cheap and got nice one. Just need to know where to go.
  8. Coral farm came in many bumble bee snail. Pls call them to ask for pricing. Ty
  9. T5 - Good fixture, think can refer to ATI power module or Sunpower, etc. Normal range, you can look at deaquatic customised set. Cheap option - DIY Yrself or look at marketplace. For T5, High output ballast almost the same for all and diff might be the lifespan. Other factors will be the reflectors which better one will claim higher reflective effects, built and also controllable with dimming effect. For tube, believe many will still go for ATI also. Hope this help.
  10. Hi bro you saw any cleaner shrimp in T95?

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