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  1. Try to ask reefmarketing, think they have healthy frags for sales.
  2. I thought was sold long ago. Potential buyers just be cautious.all the best.
  3. Bro, u looking for mat or frag to grow in yr tank? If small frag, I may be able to pass u some golden clove and gsp. U staying Bugis area right? Contact me if u keen.
  4. Golden angel at coral farm. 2 pieces. Happy reefing.
  5. Might want to see my sohal tang. With me since 2 inches plus and ard 2 yrs with me. Reason for selling to reduce bioload and also she nipped my golden cloves. She also eats brittleworm which I don’t see much nowadays. Still considering , hence test water. Collection at Punggol. Thinking to sell at $180 but buyer should have easily 3 to 4 ft tank. Thanks.
  6. I have rocks but mostly dead rocks. Mostly medium to big type. Pm me if keen. Collection at Punggol. Ty.
  7. Go AquaMarin. Think they just got pulsing Xenia. Price is likely reasonable. Look for ah Heng.
  8. Lol, sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t referring to thread starter. Was referring to nowadays, so many postings without putting price. So using the rules and regulation to advise is kind of pointless. If keen and sincere, just msg, confirm and transact. Morning saw the post and night transacted.
  9. So many posts also nvr follow… like the rules don’t stand anymore. …just pm to ask ..lol
  10. As per subject. Pm me if keen. Ard 2 fist size. Ty.
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