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  1. Coral farm has macaulicep and fowleri tangs. Mostly small size and feeding.
  2. Lol, last time maybe. Now nearer to airport may not be cheap, lol
  3. Need to consider freight charges, etc. Pricing will depend on source-supplier price, freight charges, transportation, overhead cost, profit margin, cover possible lost due to death, etc. So some lfses running on lower operating cost and doing fast turnover sales will be selling competitive compared to those high overheads and high profit margin lfses. Is demand and supply eventually in long run. So got to support those lfses selling competitive. Quality, customer service, etc will be subjective and for individual to experience.
  4. All the best. Find more quotes for comparison and see the workmanship. Just don’t be penny wise pound foolish. If budget is a concern, can look for Atlantic tank maker. They have been in the scene for long and think so far so good also.
  5. Can Try to contact Vincent from aquarium artist.
  6. Welcome to Singapore. If you want experienced and peace of mind, can consider tank culture. Company name maybe new but staff from n30, coral reef etc. Some lfses may be able to do but likely outsourced the tank making. Depending on what you want and budget, some may choose to go lfses for economic of scales for package price.
  7. Can take reference to bro Aquareef, think he posted his Pandora zoa for sales also. Pandora zoa common in reefers tanks but not so common in shipment.
  8. From the photos, it looks like those people eater family zoa. I may be wrong as photo may not be 100% accurate. Pandora zoa may also be called as fairy dust zoa. This zoa can have different variance depending on your tank conditions... can have pink, green, red, yellow gold, in it. The skirting should be pink/brown/red. I may be wrong and good for more to share their knowledge.
  9. Suggest potential buyers to google more to verify. Same type of zoa may have different IDs due to minor variance. Happy selling and buying.
  10. Think this is the bigger type, not the smaller type which is cheaper.
  11. Bro, do you need big frag? Otherwise, think I can pass u some. Collection near Punggol mrt station.
  12. Well done. Hope you feel happy everyday. Lol
  13. Yes, I have. Do pm me if keen. Ty
  14. Coral farm shipment: queen angel, french angel. Royal gramma, blackcap basslet, blue spotted jawfish,chalk basslet,ricordea. Emerald crab, peppermint shrimp, dwarf red tip hermit crab, rock anemone
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