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  1. Thank you for the pump and your generosity. It will be used for a school's eco pond - vertical garden project. I hope I will put it to good use.
  2. Thank you for the pump and your generosity. It will be used for a school's eco pond - vertical garden project. I hope I will put it to good use.
  3. Calcium shall be adjusted by using red sea foundation a, kh/ph with foundation b and mg with foundation c. As for filtration, mechanical, chemical and biological filtration are deployed. Mechanical : coarse sponge, deltec mce600 hob skimmer, seachem clarity as flocculating agent on a need-to-use basis. Chemical : seachem matrix carbon, seachem purigen, rowaphos. (dosed in excess of approximately 2x) Biological : mixture of eheim bio-rings, live rocks, seachem matrix. Bacteria additives (tlf npx, seachem stability, brightwell microbacter, prodibio bacteria, microbe-lift sp
  4. Even though the tank's "shelf life" is approximately 4 days, we believe in setting up a tank that is sustainable throughout an aquarist's journey into reef keeping. Hence, we spare no effort in the setting up of the filtration and water parameters. Mr eheim strongly believed that it is not fish that one is keeping, rather, it is water that one is really keeping. An excellent filtration system with uncompromising water quality is paramount in reef keeping. No effort shall be spared even for a competition tank lasting only 4 days. Due to technical restrictions, it is unfeasible to pr
  5. Salt mix don't freeze well using household freezer. Try filling soft drink bottles with 85% water, freeze it and throw bottle into sump
  6. that's a brillant idea. I hope I won't be senile enough to forget to even put on the band, haha. I also try to do that too, somehow, I keep forgetting a lot of things. age is catching up too fast. most corals are fine. snails are fine too. all fishes and shrimps died though. i don't think it's the lack of nutrient export, it is most probably due to the lack of adequate oxygenation. thanks for your offer. nano tank crashes are usually swift. fast to kill, fast to fix, haha. it seems everything is fine now, I did not even do any water change af
  7. Forgotten to turn back on the skimmer for more than 8 hours. Tank crashed, =( That's why I need an aquarium controller or a skimmer with feed mode. Should have gotten a more noisy skimmer. My bad, old people, lousy memory.
  8. thanks bro inwear. thanks for your interests. The reef-safe-"ness" depends on your definition. The reason for my sales is due to it being too active and that it is chewing off my shrimps. It does not bother other fishes except for its activeness, it is estimated that it swims a complete round the tank at approximately 2-5 times per minute. I have LPS and zoas. It does not bother them except trying to peck at food which the corals seems to be undamaged by the pecking. If you are keeping bristleworms, I would advise caution with this fish as I used to see quite a lot of bristleworms. The fi
  9. selling above. 1-2". feeding pellets well. extremely active. $10
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