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  1. I would like to trade my 70% left API NO3 & PH test kits with calicum & magnesium test kit. If any bro have it, and would like to treat with me, pls contact me via pm. Thanks.
  2. Hi bro, I m looking for test kit for magnesium and calcium . If anyone who wish to sell off , please contact me via pm. I will get back to you asap. Many thanks.
  3. If possible , use RO/Di wster for your cycling, I find it awesome. I running a 3x2x2 tank with 2.5 x 2x 2 slump , using RO/DI water to fill up the whole entire tank and slump, TDS reading O ppm . Then add salt to tank n slump using H2 ocean salt. Then do a proper cycling.. (my personal opinion)
  4. Is Maxspec razor that awesome? Go for AI hydra, or Ecotech Radion. I just went to lwana intend to buy maxspec razor 160w, during my purchase, I go though the equipment, observe some kind of scratches on the product, the equipment did not go through a proper quality check before packaging. I would not spend my money on some deflected products or new product with scratches. The Maxspec razor made in china, correct me if I m wrong, I quite worry about china products then euro products. I rather spend a bit more to get good quality and reliable products like AI hydra , hydra 52 or Radion led
  5. Hi reefer, I m upgrading my tank .n now in process of cycling, may I know any bro can spare me some ammonia n nitrite test strip? After cycling, I won't be using that, that y it would be quite a waste if I buy it. I just want some to do 2 times test. Please pm me and let me know your kind reply. Thanks.
  6. I m cycling my tank . Need the above 2 used test kit to test the cycling. If you have it, pls pm me. Thanks.
  7. I m looking for wave maker for 3 x 2 x 2 tanks. If you have, please pm me. Thanks
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