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  1. Must be the haze... its all a matter of relativity. Since we are now used to lower viz on land, we can also see better in low viz conditions under water. Anyway, check out www.sgscuba.com they have a list of dive operator ratings and recommendations. Cheers
  2. PMed you hmm.. didnt see any nice chio chio ###### while i was there leh... saw lotsa manta rays tho.. and alot of them at the cleaning station, which is around 15meters. Have fun!
  3. Ahhhhhh.... I miss maldives.. Anybody got any idea how to migrate there????? *go blow some bubbles.....
  4. Nice pics.. thanks for sharing. And the viz is stunning.. either that, or you got wideangle lens!
  5. err.. have you changed the fin strap before? Cos a certain batch have faulty fin strap.. Conditions: 1. Good condition and the fin strap not faulty 2. Size is suitable (i'll go check on this one..) i'll pay you $80 for it if its still up for grabs.. Ignore post if you find the offer offending. Cheers.
  6. Dive safe and do post pics when you come back k?! Cheers
  7. err... try not to do that next time oki?? Other than stressing the fish, this is one of the most venomous/poisonous fish around.. and you really dont want to get stunk by it.. other than that, nicely taken pic.. Oh! Btw, cant see the pics also lah...
  8. i dont think you understand what ckevin is saying.. think i have to agree with him. Let SRC be the sharing of info site, and the "others" be all the flaming and crapping site..
  9. ahhh... wat a relevance to the other topic regarding "bad reefers".. shows a definite mind set and sense of maturity.. oh.. tot should remind reefers to check the date of the post before accusing me of insinuating anything oki? regards!
  10. was reading thru the whole episode as it unfold.. and seriously, i burst out laughing.. No offense to acidjazz or whoever's involved.. but did anyone realise that the "so-called victim" has been dealing with an asshole all along?? and i mean literally!! butteye=asshole right? No offense butteye, am sure you can see the pun/joke as you chose this nick.. i would rather stay on the fence and not judge who's right or wrong.. not even my business and i will stay out out of it.. just couldnt resist pointing out this play of words ... oki.. am out of here and dun want to be involve.. lighten up folks, and have some fun yah?!! >>snickers...
  11. ooh... was it looking for a feed?? hmmm.. have always heard of sotongs heading south (may i add involuntarily) but this is a first!
  12. hehehe.. you cheeky devil.. actually, i think the sumei is only ridiculously priced and not THAT nice to eat lah.. Alot of comparable quality eating fish around, and not that expensive and endangered.. am sure you being such a experience diver had a few close encounters with mama napoleans right? still bear to eat them meh? can hand feed them woh...
  13. post more pics leh.. sure got a lot one mah... where's the schooling barracuda etc??
  14. hehehe.. this remora seem to like my hairy legs...
  15. the huge bristleworm with its pincer like mouth went straight for his...
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