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  1. Hi, looking for a used ozoniser. Anyone wants to let go, kindly PM me with model and price. Thanks
  2. Bro, interested in the dupla pH controller. Comes with probe? 


    CH 92995287

  3. Hi, looking for anyone who may have defective Ocean Runner OR3500. I need the ceramic shaft. Thks.
  4. What price you have in mind? Looks worn up with skimmer cup all blurred. Is it leak free?
  5. Hi, is the protein skimmer with 3 pump sold?

  6. Hi Danny, interested in the beckett skimmer w/o pump for $20. Is it still available?
  7. Is the beckett skimmer w/o pump $20 still available?

  8. hi, interested in those blue fittings..what sizes and types are there ?
  9. Yes, its available. Just saw your sms and answer is no, there is no rust at the back of tank. Only little rust on hinges of the bottom door cabinet. My address is Blk 130 pasir Ris st11. Kindly sms me at 92995287 for appointment.
  10. Livestock all cleared already...left jewel tank, i-box with sump (all cleaned up). For those bros that sms me Metal halide are off 175W with two blue actinic. Come come view....Price negotiable.
  11. Upz for sale this week..... Tank available....come view. Moving soon...will throw in freebies.
  12. Hi, Am moving out so some items up for sale as not moving to new place. Price negotiable. 1) 32 in by 32 in by 8 in fibre glass pond with ceramic angel and brick for surrounding. Also include plastic fencing. (S$120) 2) 5ft by 18 in by 20 in jewel tank. S$100 (currently reserved). 3) I-box with dual 1 inch outlet with connection to two diy sump (1ft Wx18in Dx2ft H). (Fits nicely with the 5 ft jewel tank underneath) S$150 4) 4 ft lighting (dual fluorescent) S$30 5) 4 ft lighting (single fluorescent) S$15 6) Metal halide S$100 If interested kindly sms me at 92995287
  13. Hi, interested in the doser and pre filter. Can arrange for pickup point and time?
  14. Can show picts of the auto food feeder?
  15. Hi raiden, just checking if the Beckett set fully sealed with no leak. I'm looking for an external skimmer.
  16. Hi, How much you're selling the skimmer?
  17. Hi nakazoru May I know what shaft is the iron set? NS pro ??
  18. Hi Peong My colleague Shaun is interested. Kindly call him at 96684838.
  19. Hi I hv a colleague who wants to sell his Sony PSP. Set only 1 month old. If interested call him at 96684838. His name is Shaun.
  20. Hi Kee Interested in the clams. Can post picture? Thx
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