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  1. Thanks bro! Is Ah Beng Aquarium = PacificReef =PacificMarine? Are they the same store at 471 Geylang Rd ? i remember PacificMarine at pasir ris was quite big and had lots of live fishes. The store at Geylang looks very small.
  2. Hi. Sorry to hijack this post. Anyone know where is Pacific Marine has been relocated to? Been looking for it since pasir ris farmway 2 was closed down. Appreciate any reply. Thanks
  3. Normal KH is abt 7. Increasing CA can increase KH. But remember to test Magnesium also. Both Calsium and magnesium need to be increased in tandem to maintain KH. Many people forgot to watch out for Mg.
  4. Lorong halus. Balestier also have. Price depending on which species...around few dollar to above ten dollars. BTW, although they are called cleaner shrimp, most probably they don't do cleaning in captivity
  5. Bro Falong, Losing 2L a day is normal. The problem is your "reservoir" of 2ft x 1ft x?height is too small. Within 1 week your water level will drop to the return pump level and it will be sucking air. Suggest you enlarge your reservoir. One simple but irreversible way is to break down the first glass partition separating the lighted partition and return pump partition. When that is done, your reservoir will enlarge to almost 2ftx2ft ?ft high which is double the current reservoir. Your drop in water level will be almost half.
  6. Bro, you can collect free of charge the local version of ulva at our local beach like east coast park. Ulva are often washed ashore. You just need to sieve out the good ones and washed them up. Watch out for unwanted critters hitch hiking among the sea weed though.
  7. My fox 2000 died after 3 yrs. For me 3yrs is considered ok. current model i m using is ETC-100+
  8. Better consider again before installing check valve. Some design don't work after some time. Results will b a flooded sump tank. A simple hole drilled at close to water level of outlet pipe will b a more reliable solution.
  9. Yellow tang should normally be added last to a tank. They will dominate your tank if added first n hard to add other fishes especially other tangs
  10. Although my Algae scrubber is keeping no3 n po4 low, there are still some red nuisance algae on rocks n glass. Also experiencing yellowing of water. From the users sharing here I hope to get rid of nuisance algae n get crystal clear water. Will nualgi reduce level of no3 n po4 further? Do we need to stop dosing nualgi when nuisance algae is eradicated?
  11. Wow, thanks for sharing. Great to know that this product can work with ATS filtration.
  12. You have to get marine sand from aquarium shop. Quite sure irwana, pets mart or any shop sell them. The sand comes in different coarseness graded as c1 to c4. Just go there n choose the size that suit u. My advice is dont choose too fine sand if your return pump is too strong else sand will be flying everwhere. Too coarse n debris will get stuck inside. Hope tis helps
  13. Another type of even more common brown seaweed: http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/plants/seaweed/phaeophyta/dictyota.htm
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