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  1. Velvet, cyanobacteria, brown jelly, STN, bleaching... ongoing battles... lost all my angelfish, 1 blackcap basslet, a few other wrasses for fishes... Lost 4 scoly, all litho, few shrooms, few sps frags... Finally got them all settled.. fingercross. Some shots taken today =) I wonder what is the 2 corals ( left and center)Lobo? scoly? bowerbanki? I am still confuse Couple of not doing well scolys. hope to nurse them back. Growth shots =)
  2. Tank parameters measured and fts. Added 2 urchin and abalone.
  3. I have gotten my tank Lid finally! Gotten the DD-jump guard from Aqtelier as I do not have experience fixing up myself. Good worksmanship =) And next equipment I have gotten over the past 2 weeks is... Aquawiz~ Recommended by Jiaen and gotten from Reefing Reality. So far for 1 week, I have compare the readings with salifert testkit and it is accurate. Hopefully this will at least keep 1 issue off the tank if I am required to be at work and not been able to be at home for a period of time. Appreciate all the advise and help I have gotten from all the parties involve. Really.... Thank you! =)
  4. 2 months plus of neglecting my tank due to work (not at home so I cant even do a thing to it)... Alot of casualties due to KH swing ( got a new auto doser but forget to calibrate 3days before i left for work), Dino bloom and nutrients issue for corals. (lost most of my sps frags, torches, blastos, leptos and more).. my scolys also suffered and alot of them suffered from recede and bleach (1 looks like it wont make it anymore as the mouth portion is gone) suspect due to not enough food also as my family dont know how to feed corals. Fishes are flying out as i dont have a cover over them =( The amount of heartbreak and headache I felt when I finally reach home is unbearable.. therefore I have decided to invest on a lid for the tank and an automatic reader for KH so as to monitor and at least able to spot issue in advance. Pics of the injure scolys and pics of what is left after clean up and water change Have gotten the tank parameters back on track, now I can only pray for the corals to recover and grow back stronger.
  5. nice post! followed your advise and waiting for your next post
  6. Good day all, Want to sell the following item for $60 nett. No more reagent (maybe have enough for 1 last test). with me for less than a year. photo as shown. Interested party pm me. thank you.
  7. Sold. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. Upz for nego. Need to clear them by wednesday. thanks
  9. Hi, Selling the above mention as they are stopping me from adding new fishes to my tank. Both are ard 3inches + Blunthead for $35 Bluehead for $75 Take both for $100 Kept them for 4 months+, Healthy and in isolation box currently. Have kept them together in my near 3ft tank. Interested party kindly txt me at 96181548. Thanks! Attached is the pic of them in isolation box.
  10. Nice tank!hardy see NPS tank ard Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  11. Huge setup! Envious! Looking forward to seeing more
  12. I suppose to have a display refugium connected to the setup however I ended up collecting some corals in it :x
  13. Last but not least my frags of sps rock + my random corals rock and finally fts of main tank
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